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It has been understood that the Osakashi staff who retires early at the end of March reaches at about twice and 650 of last year.

It is thought that mayor Toru Hashimoto was planned to drastic cut employment cost in April, and increased the running in retirement before it restructures.
The influence seems to go out to the business of the city so that 1300 people or more including the mandatory retirement may resign at the end of current year.

The number of staff of Osakashi is about 38,000 people in total. 650 people.  319 Ma at the end of last year according to city those at the end on March this year of deadline who schedule early retirement from last year

Especially, it is most that "The salaries level is made a private level" of Mr. Hashimoto was a traffic bureau, and rises to 18 times and 217 in total of the same periods of last year.

..bus driver.. car the business relation occupies 131 people. Each ward office (125 people), the child youth bureau (45 people), Bureau of Construction (37 people), and Environment Directorate (35 people) stand out, too. On the other hand, the mandatory retirement at the end of current year is an expectation of 696 people.

The city introduces the early-retirement program that the severance benefit becomes two the greatest surcharges for 50 years old or more etc. in fiscal year 2007.

To advance a private consignment of a bus transit in red ink, a traffic bureau has introduced the system that is three the greatest surcharges of the severance benefit of 45-55 years old only by 11 and 12 fiscal years.


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Mayor Toru Hashimoto in Osakashi opened all meetings in the city office to the public in the principle, and decided the policy of advancing "Open city office (tentative name)" that made all the organization processes etc. of the opinion and the budget having been sent by the citizens public on the homepage.

Mayor Hashimoto is the assumption one month every 19 days. The reform measure achieved at this time of the governor of Osaka Prefecture is taken one after another, and the method on which it works in the prefecture is introduced, and it aims at the Freedom of Information Act at the highest level in local governments throughout the country also in the Freedom of Information Act field the other day.

The intention of mayor Hashimoto who advances the Freedom of Information Act is received, the case etc. to handle private information are excluded, and it launches out into opening all meetings to the public though the city has opened the conference and council with the labor union various to the public up to now. The council of war such as "Strategy meeting" in which top management decides matters of weight executes the Internet relay.


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Politics is changed by cooperating in Osakashi Special Counsel Mr. Nakata and mayor Hashimoto.

120,000 that became exceptional was exceeded as local politics person's book book "How to kill the politician" of ..Maeyoco mayor Hiroshi Nakata.. (47) (Gentosha). A groundless scandal is begun, and the litigation and the restitution of the honor though it is Mr. Nakata who started losing one's political life. It assumes the position of Special Counsel in the same city by calling mayor Toru Hashimoto (42) in Osakashi this year. When mayor Hashimoto is backed up to the teaching book, it is Iu as for this book that appeals for the depth of cut and the necessity of the reform to the umbra of the local government that crowds the right and interest various power.

This book that frankly spelt the dark of details and the local government that seemed to be begun the scandal, to be cut political biosis, and to have become it was put on the market in 6000 first editions last October. It has been just interested in the dual election of Osaka, and it has extended by word of mouth at a dash.

「It doesn't go so only by the concern for me. The person who wants to see in Pandora's box of structure of the right and interest or civil servant's diathesis or Uyouyo, the wriggling power or politics thinks that only a lot of these were. 」With Mr. Nakata.
120,000 is exceeded according to Gentosha as of 19 days. "Amazon" is a political department hilum and a log lingua as for serial sales 1st place on the 52nd.

The contrary wind blew at a dash in 07 though the bold restructuring like the abolition etc. of a reduction of the civil servant and a specific allowance was carried out resolutely in Yokohamashi that had immersed in financial crises. The Dotacan doubt etc. of a suspected mistress and an overseas inspection were reported to the weekly magazine by serial for seven weeks and the label of "Mayor Harenti" was put. "Thought becoming of the hair the pure white, and jumping down from Biru. "The whirlpool of the scandal「Groundless. Everything is clarified by the litigation. 」With Iu it , saying that "The politician was going to be stopped before" though kept being appealed.

The litigation becomes the overall winning the case, it is recognized that the report is groundless, and determined the publication of this book by the calositas last year. 「No equipment in a mere inside book. I wanted to tell the structure.  why Japan did not change」。It is moved hard of the determination of Mr. Nakata and it publishes it though it hesitated at first in Gentosha. Looking Shirotool president (61) says to sales that surpasses expectations, "Reader's great expectation was felt".

"Support of 120,000 votes" was obtained, and Mr. Hashimoto invited Mr. Nakata of the undeletion lingua from the bottom as the brain of the Osaka restoration.
Mr. Hashimoto who read this book「Structure as which Osaka is quite the same. The mechanism that man in the public office becomes unmotivated is the same. 」
It is Iu when having spoken.  solve

Mr. Nakata「Osaka is more awful than Yokohama in two horn meaning. Respect too late where the hand was not put up at all and respect of having been given too much up to now are up to now more than Yokohama. 」。Expressing a sense of crisis「As for the desire quite because of the experience of the mayor, there are a lot of people who thwart it from the person with whom it cooperates without fail. Therefore, politics wants to show to change by cooperating in him very much now. 」It spoke.  An undeletion lingua experience and an indomitable fighting spirit are made the best use of from the bottom for the reform of Osakashi.

- Yokohamashi birth on Hiroshi Nakata (It is wide the inside) September 20, 1964. 47 years old. It graduates from Aoyama Gakuin University in 89, and it enters Matsushita Political and Economic Crammer. It is elected to House of Representatives election first in 93, and it serial is elected three terms at the following. It is elected to the Yokohamashi head election for 02 years in the government ordinance city at the age of 38 who becomes minimus. It retired in August, '09 though it reelected in 06. It defeated though the Japanese wound new party was formed in April, '10, and it ran for House of Councilors election in July of the same year by the proportional representation section. It assumes the position of the Osakashi Special Counsel in January this year.

- Photograph: Hiroshi Nakata who talks about zeal to local government


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Mayor Toru Hashimoto in Osakashi where assumption one month was received on 19 days. It is declared, "Osaka City Office is changed", and issues instructions to each department one after another by the top down. The city office internal air that had put an opposite argument to "Osaka capital plan" changed completely.
The criticism to mayor Hashimoto is sealed, and is Hashiride toward the capital plan achievement and the city office reform. Executives are all-out in the correspondence of the Hashimoto style to the speed be requested to work over the plan with mail regardless of midnight on holiday.

 「Excess and an inappropriate diagnosis and treatment can do nothing but be prevented by the authentication system besides the panel doctor specification. Especially, I want to try in Nishinariku. 」

Mayor Hashimoto sent mail to the director of a bureau and all chiefs of a ward on the eighth this month during consecutive holidays. The contents is cost containment of public assistance expense.
The basis of an original city of the medical institution that was able to consult a physician the recipient was set, and the discussion for the exclusion of a malignant medical institution was requested.

Nishinariku is especially 23% whose public assistance recipience rate is the highest of 24 districts. Chief of a ward Yoshichika Nishijima is several person in charge and the conference linguas on the tenth in end of the holiday week at once. 「It persists in the basis of the unnecessary tests and medication now and it is not possible to persist in guidance vaguely. The method of specifying the pharmacy is devised by registering the medical institution of each recipient. 」It replied with the summary of the answer at 5PM the same day.

From mayor Hashimoto one and a half hours later「A drastic amelioration plan is advanced. I undertake the responsibility. 」The reply was had.
Chief of a ward Nishijima「The speed is requested from work. I was going to answer including the mull the proposal or VATU but the process. 」It talks. 

Mayor Hashimoto's method is three stages. A big polarity is first shown, administration man is made to work over plural plans, and oneself who is the politician gives terminal decision. The executive of the city assesses, "The government official including the problem institution has been doing up to now, and the role is clear in case of mayor's method".

On the other hand, the criticism that flitted in the city office had not been asked before it assumed the position of mayor Hashimoto. There is little scene where the staff conflicts with the mayor, and it is possible to look for the appearance that starts being adapted to the method. A certain executive「When he or she meets directly, it is polite, and the mayor is rational. The highlight scene of the arm though the demand is high. 」It is enthusiastic. 
The voice to specify the severity of tightening to change the executive who supported former mayor Kunio Hiramatsu, and to make the staff who has made a critical remark write the reflection sentence also. A certain executive「No atmosphere to which the criticism can be done by becoming public now. If the negative aspect of the Hashimoto municipal administration appears, might the future when the reform realizes it. 」It solves and it lowers the voice.

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Mayor Toru Hashimoto (42) in Osakashi is a rough crocodile lingua as for the ambition of "Whole country To". At the supporters' association party on the 20th, Mr. Hashimoto :. 「The member who starts rallying like-minded people and making the country of Japan is gathered. I want you to make it fight again. 」
A strong volition was shown in the original candidate support in Narrator and House of Representatives election for the next term. The affiliate to whom Mr. Hashimoto serves as the representative "Association of the Osaka restoration. " and (restoration) will aim at the center of national administration , saying that "Aim at 300 person support and securing 200 seats" at a dash.

Party on the 20th held at Osakashi internal hotel. Powerful sustainer's former Economic Planning Agency Minister Taichi Sakaiya and about 1300 governor Ichiro Matsui (restoration chief secretary) in Osaka Prefecture rushed because the first time after it had assumed the position of the mayor, and the hall was encompassed by heat.

Mr. Hashimoto : in an opening greeting. 「The Osaka capital plan is not a goal. Japan is moved as the next target beginning the movement of Osaka like this. 」The volition was shown in the national administration advancement of the restoration.

The great increase of taxation route where Prime Minister Yoshihiko of Noda stakes a political life is criticized with the ingluvies food , saying that "Only (The consumption tax)5% tax won't be raised, and Japan regenerate".   Knowledge of having to describe, "Iu's was a regional system when starting making it from the social security from 1 with the system of the tax and the country from what to local dealings and what", and to make the regional system an issue in House of Representatives election for the next term was shown.

However, Mr. Hashimoto is good, and makes remarks, "I at first am pouring in by the applicant, and, want to do by the dimension of about 400 people though the schedule of about 50 people" on a political cram school where the restoration schedules starting a course to rally like-minded people in March , saying that "I do not go out to national administration". The posture that would accelerate the support preparation while advancing the candidate's selection in a political cram school in the future was shown.

Exactly, eagerness that can be called the indignation meeting to whole country To.

The restoration affiliate「It is necessary to have original power in the Diet to achieve the Osaka capital plan. 300 people are supported in House of Representatives election for the next term, and it aims at 200 person winning. I want to secure the House of Representatives majority for the capital plan together with a part of everyone's cooperated party, Komeito, and the Liberal-Democratic Party. 」A part of coverage of the news organization is answered.

As for the House of Representatives majority, aiming at 200 seats for 241 seats will aim at the first government party party. Does the group of representative Ichiro Ozawa of the new party (Democratic Party) at which governor Shintaro Ishihara in Tokyo aims here cooperate?

Mr. Kichiya, publicist Kobayashi「The fanciful tale so far. When the electoral district situation of the whole country is analyzed, the electoral district to which the candidate of the restoration seems to be able to win is limited to the urban area though it is necessary to win considerably by the small electoral district to secure 200 seats. The seat will not be obtained even by the urban area as the election base of the Liberal-Democratic Party bilateral is democratic and is strong, and easy. 」Tomiru. With the ingluvies food「Then, Iu doesn't become big undulation , saying that 'Do not run' as for Mr. Hashimoto. It is impossible if it runs and it doesn't pull it at the head. However, the head of Osakashi might not obtain the voter's understanding easily immediately after assumption alone. 」It speaks. 


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When standing in the sit-down in the assembly hall and the answer for executives of the director of a bureau class that queues up on the platform in the city council plenary session place, mayor Toru Hashimoto in Osakashi is a lingua of the instruction ..the thoroughness in saluting to the national flag... February..Congress..municipal..facilities..national flag..always..hoisting..municipal..school..school personnel..national anthem..sing in unison..stand up..obligate..national anthem..stand up..municipal law..idea..propose..schedule..first of all..executive..example..show..have..aim..see.

Mayor Hashimoto transmits mail to executives by the title "Bow in the assembly hall to the national flag" in the middle of this month.
It issued instructions in detail , saying that "Please bow to the national flag when sitting down at the seat in the assembly hall", "Go up by one step when sitting down at not only standing in the answer but also the seat", and "After it had taken a rest", etc.

Moreover, to the mind the change of the question and answer in the city council plenary session in March to the talkathon method「It doesn't become an argument when bowing every time in the talkathon. I will make it to only a first and last bow. 」Manners of the Hashimoto style were shown.

Mayor Hashimoto shows the intention that describes hanging out the national flag in facilities in the city during office hours to the place that the user sees easily besides it obligates standing up when the national anthem in events on the school calendar is sung in unison to the school personnel by this municipal law idea clearly.
In Osaka Prefecture Congress, mayor Hashimoto approved and a similar municipal law had been approved last June in the age of the governor.

- The Yomiuri Shimbun

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It has been understood that mayor Toru Hashimoto in Osakashi is discussing the abolition of "Union vacation" in which the director of the staff trade union can do the union activity during working hours. City Bureau of General Affairs is starting the investigation of another city etc.The greater part of cities, towns, and villages are providing the union vacation of unpaid according to the notification of the country, and the abolition is extremely exceptional. The union is expected to repulse strong, and the voice specified from the specialist, "The transgression of a proper union activity may be done" comes out.

When the union executive can do only the negotiation of working conditions etc. at working hours, Local Civil Service Law is a definition. Old Ministry of Home Affairs notified to the municipality the meeting and the director election of internal in 68, "It is possible to furlough by unpaid".

In 1779 city, ward, town and villages of the whole country, 1258 city, ward, town and villages are up to definitions in the municipal law and the rule according to Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications in September, '09 as for the union vacation. 19 government ordinance city including Osakashi admits everything by unpaid only within 30 days a year.
Nara Prefecture etc. are not defining Osaka Prefecture as "It is necessary to do by outside working hours and the annual vacation excluding the negotiation".

2739 people in total are purchases in Osakashi as for 7088 hours in total in one year from October, '08. The activity contents and time are requested to superior Shite of the entry beforehand. About 580 overtime lingua ..definition.. will come to light in three years of 11 the union executive in the municipal taxes office. 13 people received disposal.

Mayor Hashimoto has the policy of proposing the municipal law idea that makes dealings of another and the city office where the evacuation request was done to six unions that move in the city office this public office building proper to the city council in February. The instruction lingua and it is Iu in the executive of the city.  discuss the abolition at the union vacation etc. "Everything is reset excluding the legal duty"


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