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・As for the party leader of each party, it stumped, and the remark to put the Democratic Party preponderance from the opposition party on the mind come one after another to House of Representatives election in the whole country on the afternoon of the 19th. Representative Yukio Hatoyama of the Democratic Party : in Sendaishi and Fukushima Prefecture Koriyamashi. 「I want you to hold out to the Liberal-Democratic Party more. Even if only one party is steady, it is useless. Two great party politics can answer the people' expectations well for the first time in function Shite. 」The caught remark was repeated with the margin.

..touch.. clarification to the question to not Prime Minister Taro Aso (Liberal Democratic Party President) but Mr. Hatoyama in the previous question-time debate association in ..chairman Kazuo Shii of communist party.. conference of Sendaishi , saying that "The person with very strong possibility to be going to lose office in the future was felt not productive even if the future was discussed with the other party".
It was specified, "The focus is already after a public political power".

The Fukushima Ruisui party leader of Social Democratic Party appeals for the existence of Social Democratic Party in Moriokashi , saying that "Does only the Democratic Party become ..completing.. one person winning Shite political?". It was described to reporters, "Changed it into the address that stressed Kao to which Social Democratic Party played what role in New Politics".

On the other hand, the Prime Minister : in Hokkaido. 「The Democratic Party cannot bring the intraparty together by the most important security. I want you to think by not the political power but the policy. 」It appeals, and representative Akihiro Ota of Komeito is a soap box speech of Shizuokashi and a deployment lingua , saying that "The policy changes round and round, and financial resources cannot be specified" as for the Democratic Party criticism.

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..doing of the teacher these kind of things.. understands in reality" Hokkaido teachers' union (north Oshie class) mutters done "Election campaign" so aiming at this House of Representatives election he.
Telephone operation that calls passed list of names randomly, and appeals for support of the Democratic Party-affiliated to specific candidate.
Vila distribution to the vicinity. The instruction is Iu when coming from the campaign office of the union.

「I do not want to do in reality. The telephone is hung up with Gan. However, because the person on the union will put on the burden if it is said that it will not do ...」

The teacher continuously said, "It is believed that there would be something looking back if the political power was taken because it assisted in the Democratic Party in the so much".

- Famous innocent making
The teacher's election campaign is prohibited by The Election Law and the laws that apply to civil servants in the field of education. Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology put out the director of a bureau notification assumed to be "Ban etc. of the election campaign such as school personnels" to the board of education in the whole country on July 22.
This "Ban" innocent has been made famous by the teacher of the union for a long time though a customary notification before National elections.

When "Union morning gathering" started, the principal after it ends and the head teacher are ..morning gathering in the staff room.. ..continuation.. Iu in a Hokkaido internal public junior high school of about ten years ago in the place that is according to the man teacher who has not become a union member.
"We will inform of today's morality activity. "The instruction flew , saying that The ** teacher and the ×× ..".. teacher continuously" etc. ..I hopeing this district... At first, the teacher has not understood the meaning of "Morality activity" as for going for one's post. It was told by the colleague that the argot of the house-to-house canvassing and the Vila distribution for the assistance of the specific candidate whom it did by a couple of two people later.

It is a teacher , saying that "It was angry at going of ..evading of the argot to joke..".
The facsimile that directed home the participation to the canvass had been sent. For sending station was school, and sending time was working hours

The man of the road internal public junior high school length specifies the realities , saying that "In a part of school where the histological ratio of the union is still high, documentation for the election campaign and exchange it by using the telephone, the facsimile, the copier, and the printer etc. of the school for the liberty".

The teacher of the north Oshie class Abashiri branch work arrests it by the violation of the Election Law (acquisition) in House of Councilors election in 2004 according to the Hokkaido board of education. The disposal of the suspend from duty three month has been received from the taoism committee.

- Morality criticism
As for the north Oshie class, the activity that projects in Japan teachers' union as it protested against the wage cut last January, the limited-time strike is done, and about 12,500 teachers receive the admonition disposal stands out.

The north Oshie class distributed "It faced the deterioration course of study ()" and the title lingua material to each school last November.
The sub-title is "'Education for the nation' doesn't permit. "The criticism of "'Feelings that love countries are raised' is out of the question" etc. and the course of study in the item of social studies. Northern territories are assumed to be "It is made to think by no angle of the territory type of a Japanese endemic, and capturing and bright in the Ainu race and the war".

It is taken up that guidelines value "The regulations of the commitment and the society is defended" by morality, and in the office discussion material distributed in December of the same year, "Educational regression at prewar days that aims at 'An obedient man build-up to the nation'" and criticisms. "The ethical education of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology violates the liberty of the internal surface" is a standpoint of the union.
Independent training
Independent training based on material is done in places such as "Education Development Association" and "Educational Promotion Council Congress" of the municipality in the region where the union activity is active though handling on an educational site of such material has the geographic variation according to the taoism committee affiliate.
This affiliate worries , saying that "The tax has been turned on to the place of the study of the unlearning guidelines".

Prime Minister Taro Aso criticized not hanging out the national flag in the electoral campaign to the Democratic Party headquarters, and specified, "The influence of Japan teachers' union has been received". An opening teacher「The Liberal-Democratic Party is severe with the teacher.
(Struggled reversely. )It is put to the country at the rising-sun flag and national anthem of Japan. 」It grieves. 

And,「Still, the election activity because having come expected the opinion of the north Oshie class to influence national administration. This time, if it becomes the Democratic Party political power, and no educational administration changes, it is angry. 」It solved and power was put.

The electoral campaign of 12 days started aiming at ballot counting day of the 30th. What has occurred in situ ..the issue.. now though the Liberal-Democratic Party and democratic hang out the political power commitment, and it is made to fight as for the argument?It takes it up ,divided into four portions.

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This was received, and the report committee of The National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan (chairman = moat iron warehouse and president of Nagoya Television Broadcasting) announced the conversation with "Administration's intervening the mistake because of this Katashi broadcasting, and making the care rousing to the bureau a normal state beforehand cannot help holding an important anxiety" on the same day.

Each bureau was called at House of Councilors election of 07 years, the document was handed, and the repulsion of Minporen was caused by the calositas though Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications was doing a similar request at each National elections. Not the call this time but Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications visited, and mailed the bureau.

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