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・Prime Minister Taro Aso : about the problem of hanging out the party banner that addresses in the Kagoshima Kirishima city in stumping the 20th late in the morning the street, patches two national flags in the meeting that the Democratic Party held in the same city, and makes it. 「It tore up the national flag. The story to have joked. 」It criticized. 

Moreover,「The Liberal-Democratic Party combines with Komeito and the expert lingua of the national flag national anthem law. Confusing and not having settled at that time are the Democratic Party. 」It describes, and the bill vote and the criticism lingua of correspondence of the Democratic Party that chose an independent voting.

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!
  Tokyo assembly election ]Perplexity also : to the "Differ from Mr./Ms. Koizumi" Prime Minister's exceptional pilgrimage.

It keeps assisting Prime Minister Taro Aso exceptional that turns to the encouragement round offices of those who schedule it candidacy about the Liberal-Democratic Party in the Tokyo Tokyo assembly election (voting on July 12) made the skirmish of House of Representatives election.
The voice of perplexity leaks from the affiliate , saying that "Differ from popular former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi", too, though the idea to try to recover from a setback by the inside and leading that might develop into liability issues if defeated.

"Person who saw Aso of the life for the first time?" and "Is it better than it sees on the television?"
The audience was boiled in the office in the Musashinoshi electoral district on the night of the 19th.
Ladder and those who schedule candidacy are lifted, and the office is moved to the following camp hurriedly every day while answering the handshake offensive.

Harsh words leak from the received candidate side though it reflects as popular.
A certain Eratai executive is "It was suddenly said that the prime minister was coming, and was focused on the supporter panicking. "
Another affiliate also「It is different from Mr./Ms. Koizumi. Floating votes are collected by Mr. Aso or the judgment is difficult. 」The face has been clouded solving.


Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!
It depends on Prime Minister Taro Aso, chairman Barorzo of European Commission, and President Klaus of Czecho.
The day and the regular head of European Union (EU) conference were opened in Executive Office of the President in capital Praha of E U presidency Czecho on the morning (evening of the same day of Japan standard time) of the fourth. Each head who had attended had a joint press conference after it ended, and announced the joint press statement that sang coordinated strengthening for a new influenza countermeasure and a worldwide economic crisis overcoming.

The Prime Minister Aso is an assertion lingua to the description in a joint interview, "I want to back up a concrete approach to the world without nuclear weapons tenaciously", and holding the nuclear disarmament meeting in Japan at the early stage of next year as for the volition.

The accordance in sharing the anxiety to the new influenza infection enlargement in the conference, and the lecture of "All means" to further enlargement inhibition. It agreed to work on the stabilization of the financial market and the world economy restitution as top priority.
A further effort is requested to developed countries and the young country in measures for controlling global warming a new international framework-making after 2013.
The Prime Minister Aso described to decide the medium target of Japan of the green house gas mitigation by June.

The confirmation of the cooperation continuation for "Verifiable denuclearization" and "Anxiety on the manway including the abduction issue" cancellation after the firing a missile is criticized for the North Korea problem. Anti-piracy measures of the coast of Somalia and cooperation by Reconstruction Assistance to Afghanistan are the accordance linguas.

Barorzo showed the intention that wanted to hold the negotiation on Uruguay Round of World Trade Organization (WTO) (Doha round) by July.



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