Kensaku Moritaの最近のブログ記事

It ends on managed homepage (HP) of the prefecture while the moving image of April 30 and a regular interview of governor Kensaku Morita who was on the 14th this month is having an interview. The interview immediately after assumption was broadcast from at the beginning to the end. However, the question part of the pachinko stand of which the theme is the drama in whom the problem and the governor of the political fund starred in the past doesn't flow this time. Cutting governor's "Negative image" and the question that might be taken seems to cause the criticism with "Information Cac doing" though the prefecture assumes, "Problem of the capacity of the server". (Hiroto Yasuhara)

The interview to be a prefecture and co-sponsoring of Prefectural Government Press Club. Every time on the homepage of the prefecture, day.. moving image can be put, and it regenerate at any time. Interview Roku is also made public. Because the governor announces the measure, and the moving image voice that does the question and answer is good at attention, it is popular. Everything of the first assumption interview is seen from at the beginning of 7 seconds of 36 minutes and interviews to the end of the question in the interview on the 24th that became the second times at 28 seconds of 45 minutes.

However, the moving image April 30 and May 14 ends while having an interview. The moving image ends in the interview on the 30th at 31 seconds of 30 minutes on the way of Aimi. It ended at 42 seconds of 27 minutes though interviews were about 34 minutes on the 14th. Everything is recorded in interview Roku.

It questions on the done pachinko stand etc. the theme the drama that the governor ..the treatment.. performed as a political fund.  the problem that the governor was serving as the head of the branch of the Liberal-Democratic Party and the lecture fee in the high school both days and the cutting partThe governor interrupted the question, and there was a roughness scene ..the voice.., too.

Sub-section chief Katsuhiro of Nomi of report Office of Public Affairs that takes charge of broadcasting the moving image of a regular interview「Broadcasting is assumed to be a principle for about 30 minutes according to former because of the capacity of the server. (Shorten the moving image from the governor. )The instruction has not been received. 」It speaks.  It was answered in one side, "I want to discuss broadcasting everything if there was a demand from the inhabitants of the prefecture".

Tokyo, Osaka Prefecture, and Miyazaki Prefecture where well-known governors are broadcasting everything from at the beginning of the interview to the end. Osaka Prefecture and Miyazaki Prefecture might reach so that the interview is one hour near.

The moving image of a regular interview of the Morita governor is seen in "Governor's conference" of the upperleft on homepage ( of the prefecture.

Governor Kensaku Morita in Chiba Prefecture received one month from assumption on the fifth. 「As for the ambition and zeal, actually feeling of transmitting to the inhabitants of the prefecture has been boiling little by little. How does especially feeling it recently associate with excellent staff?The mind of holding out is the same for Chiba and Japan. If all combine, Chiba can become a top of Japan. 」It speaks.  

The Tokyo Wan Aqua-Line price cut that was the pillar of the commitment proposed the requisition to the country to lower the toll to 800 yen on April 23 by "Eight capital prefecture city summit" in which the governor and the government ordinance mayor in the metropolitan area gathered, and was resolved. However, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport is cold contrasting it with governor's zeal , saying that "If the price cut is demanded, it wants you to show the reason and the rationale" (Toll Road Division). There is still temperature gradient with the saitama prefecture and Tokyo about the linear-motor car construction. Moreover, though the accusation was fil by the civic group on the suspicion etc. of the Public Office Election Law breach「It is painful that energy is taken in that though there is originally a work to be done. I want to partition, to mend, and to do loudly. 」It makes it.  

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