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A bipartisan network is made Mr. Tsujimoto.

The assembly member of the House of Representatives of Kiyomi Tsujimoto who fil the report of leaving a party to Social Democratic Party described in the program of TV Asahi on the 28th, "I want to make the network of the person as whom the idea was the same exceeding the league", and showed the idea of aiming at a bipartisan political action.

After this, Mr. Tsujimoto : to reporters in Tokyo. 「There is a person whom it thoroughly does to not only the Democratic Party but also the Liberal-Democratic Party by being, too. If it is possible to permit, I want to do to Social Democratic Party together. 」It stressed it. 

Transport Minister Seiji Maehara was stopped showing the expectation with Mr. Tsujimoto's Democratic Party association sect in the description, "The white paper now after the future though being possible to say so was welcome".


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The 45th House of Representatives election published on the 18th. A severe electoral campaign that the minister and the three key officials experienced person of the inside and the Liberal-Democratic Party by which "Political power selection" becomes a strongest theme do not have the example in the past either has been forced. Is Bassari deforested to former Prime Minister?
The former defense aspect is rooted out. ?The war of 12 days that important persons were hot, and hot started.

 「Dark clouds is shrouded, and it elects it severely. I want to hold out by the experience and results. 」
Former Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori (72) of the Liberal-Democratic Party former job that aims at 14 term serial winning in Ishikawa 2 district prays for the victory in the Ishikawa Prefecture Komatsushi internal Shinto shrine and is the 1st opinion on this day. About 3000 supporters who gathered were destroyed and the stiff expression was not destroyed ahead from beginning to end.

On the other hand, ..assassin candidate.. ..new figure of the Democratic Party Mieco Tanaka.. (33) is the first in Komatsushi opinion.
It was appealed, "I wanted to change Japan from Ishikawa", and started the electoral campaign riding on the bicycle that had completely become familiar.
Prime Minister experienced person Vs former contract worker's new figure woman. The inside and the situation that the contrary wind to the Liberal-Democratic Party blows hard though the combination that doesn't become a normally straight match are drastic changes. There is already a perception that Mr. Tanaka reversed, too.

Publicist's Mr. (51) Harumi Arima says. 「Moriuji is strict. It invades, and it returns, and such a joke is emptily well-known in the Tanaka camp , saying that 'It is bad for the environment when cutting down forests' , saying that 'Cut down forests', too. 」(Continue. )

【 Ishikawa ]- Former Prime Minister new Yoshiro Mori 72 of the Satoru Miyamoto 2 district (Komatsushi and Kagashi, etc.)49 party sub-representative of prefecture product independence.
The secretary people of 33 Mieco Tanaka former assembly members are new. (order of registration)


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The telephone survey was executed for the voter in 150 small electoral districts, and information on the coverage net of the whole country also searched for the situation of the first stage of the electoral campaign in addition.

As a result,
(1)Democratic is power to exceed majority (241) greatly alone, and to look for 300 seat stand.
(2)The Liberal-Democratic Party is a possibility of not reaching to half the number of seat (300) before it elects it, and retreating more greatly because of it.
(3)In the proportional representation section, the almost last average and Shamin fight hard against fairness and communism a little. ――The situation has been understood.

The person who is not clarifying the voting attitude is 40 percent, and ..proportional representation section.. ..30 percent.. ..weakness.. at the time of the investigation by the small electoral district.
Moreover, the person "It might change the voting ahead according to the situation of the election" descends 25%, and there is a possibility that the situation changes greatly until the last stage, too.
The headquarters executes the investigation that searches for the situation of 300 all small electoral district to a middle electoral campaign.

It chose to become the reduced drawing of the whole country, and 150 electoral districts that had been surveyed this time multiplied two findings and read a nationwide situation.
As for democratic, do a stable war by the small electoral district by many of former jobs and former employments, and furthermore the new face stands dominant and the case to pull the candidate such as the Liberal-Democratic Party apart stands out. 200 seats are passed in the entire small electoral district, and there is a possibility of stacking it more greatly, too.
The proportional representation section is power that exceeds 61 seats of 05 last years drastic by power to expand the seat all of 11 blocks, and reaches 80 seat Daigo half.

The Liberal-Democratic Party has the small electoral district to which a severe war has been compelled in various places even by the minister experienced person. The possibility to fall below 100 seats greatly by the small electoral district is high as a whole. The proportional representation section is decreased from 77 last seats, and it gets to 60 seats or a slight situation.
Last time, democratic is power in the urban electoral district where the Liberal-Democratic Party deprived of a lot of seats when 150 this small electoral districts were classified into "Local type electoral district" "Intermediate type electoral district" "Urban electoral district" 50, 50, and 50 according to the dimension of the electoral district internal city to recapture most, and to extend to 40 middle more than 03 progressing years. The electoral district of a democratic precedence stands out also in the intermediate type electoral district.

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