Mayor Toru Hashimoto (42) in Osakashi is a rough crocodile lingua as for the ambition of "Whole country To"

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Mayor Toru Hashimoto (42) in Osakashi is a rough crocodile lingua as for the ambition of "Whole country To". At the supporters' association party on the 20th, Mr. Hashimoto :. 「The member who starts rallying like-minded people and making the country of Japan is gathered. I want you to make it fight again. 」
A strong volition was shown in the original candidate support in Narrator and House of Representatives election for the next term. The affiliate to whom Mr. Hashimoto serves as the representative "Association of the Osaka restoration. " and (restoration) will aim at the center of national administration , saying that "Aim at 300 person support and securing 200 seats" at a dash.

Party on the 20th held at Osakashi internal hotel. Powerful sustainer's former Economic Planning Agency Minister Taichi Sakaiya and about 1300 governor Ichiro Matsui (restoration chief secretary) in Osaka Prefecture rushed because the first time after it had assumed the position of the mayor, and the hall was encompassed by heat.

Mr. Hashimoto : in an opening greeting. 「The Osaka capital plan is not a goal. Japan is moved as the next target beginning the movement of Osaka like this. 」The volition was shown in the national administration advancement of the restoration.

The great increase of taxation route where Prime Minister Yoshihiko of Noda stakes a political life is criticized with the ingluvies food , saying that "Only (The consumption tax)5% tax won't be raised, and Japan regenerate".   Knowledge of having to describe, "Iu's was a regional system when starting making it from the social security from 1 with the system of the tax and the country from what to local dealings and what", and to make the regional system an issue in House of Representatives election for the next term was shown.

However, Mr. Hashimoto is good, and makes remarks, "I at first am pouring in by the applicant, and, want to do by the dimension of about 400 people though the schedule of about 50 people" on a political cram school where the restoration schedules starting a course to rally like-minded people in March , saying that "I do not go out to national administration". The posture that would accelerate the support preparation while advancing the candidate's selection in a political cram school in the future was shown.

Exactly, eagerness that can be called the indignation meeting to whole country To.

The restoration affiliate「It is necessary to have original power in the Diet to achieve the Osaka capital plan. 300 people are supported in House of Representatives election for the next term, and it aims at 200 person winning. I want to secure the House of Representatives majority for the capital plan together with a part of everyone's cooperated party, Komeito, and the Liberal-Democratic Party. 」A part of coverage of the news organization is answered.

As for the House of Representatives majority, aiming at 200 seats for 241 seats will aim at the first government party party. Does the group of representative Ichiro Ozawa of the new party (Democratic Party) at which governor Shintaro Ishihara in Tokyo aims here cooperate?

Mr. Kichiya, publicist Kobayashi「The fanciful tale so far. When the electoral district situation of the whole country is analyzed, the electoral district to which the candidate of the restoration seems to be able to win is limited to the urban area though it is necessary to win considerably by the small electoral district to secure 200 seats. The seat will not be obtained even by the urban area as the election base of the Liberal-Democratic Party bilateral is democratic and is strong, and easy. 」Tomiru. With the ingluvies food「Then, Iu doesn't become big undulation , saying that 'Do not run' as for Mr. Hashimoto. It is impossible if it runs and it doesn't pull it at the head. However, the head of Osakashi might not obtain the voter's understanding easily immediately after assumption alone. 」It speaks.

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