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  Tokyo assembly election ]Perplexity also : to the "Differ from Mr./Ms. Koizumi" Prime Minister's exceptional pilgrimage.

It keeps assisting Prime Minister Taro Aso exceptional that turns to the encouragement round offices of those who schedule it candidacy about the Liberal-Democratic Party in the Tokyo Tokyo assembly election (voting on July 12) made the skirmish of House of Representatives election.
The voice of perplexity leaks from the affiliate , saying that "Differ from popular former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi", too, though the idea to try to recover from a setback by the inside and leading that might develop into liability issues if defeated.

"Person who saw Aso of the life for the first time?" and "Is it better than it sees on the television?"
The audience was boiled in the office in the Musashinoshi electoral district on the night of the 19th.
Ladder and those who schedule candidacy are lifted, and the office is moved to the following camp hurriedly every day while answering the handshake offensive.

Harsh words leak from the received candidate side though it reflects as popular.
A certain Eratai executive is "It was suddenly said that the prime minister was coming, and was focused on the supporter panicking. "
Another affiliate also「It is different from Mr./Ms. Koizumi. Floating votes are collected by Mr. Aso or the judgment is difficult. 」The face has been clouded solving.


Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!


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