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Drive-through and the automatic settlement are - diplomatic relation ministries in = next generation ITS in possible.

The velocity route to the destination and care information on on the road start to the driver and the service of Intelligent Transport System (ITS) of the told next generation will start from the real time in full scale next January. Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport sets up the exclusive use antenna that will be called "ITS spot" by March sequentially in about 1600 places such as expressways, and maintains a nationwide use environment. The preparation for the service enlargement in the future is also advanced as the fee is settled automatically drive-through of the fast food restaurant.

Next generation ITS that integrates the function of automatic fare collection system (ETC) and the car navigation system provides fine traffic information up to now. Up-to-date information can be received from the ITS spot in case of the installing car of the correspondence car navigation system.

Because the route information after wide-ranging traffic data that exceeds the prefectural boundary is understood is possible, "The long distance transport can be done without being rolled in congestion" (person in charge of the diplomatic relation ministry) and Iu.
Care rousing of falling object of on the road and congestion of tunnel by voice and image.
ETC can be used.

Sightseeing information in the region etc. can be inspected by hooking up to the Internet in the exclusive use area of service area (SA) and the roadside station where the ITS spot is set up. The ITS spot is scheduled to be maintained with all SA in the Tomei highspeed and the Meishin highspeed.


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the new people support, and the communist party official recognition of = reported. Ballot counting day is the same the 30th.

Mr. Hayashi is a strategy that extrudes to the vesical surface the recommended candidate for the Democratic Party that aims at a change of regime in House of Representatives election it. On the other hand, it thinks the political party color to avoid the influence of the concealment national administration though Mr. Nakanishi receives substantial support of the Liberal-Democratic Party and fair bilateral.

The issue of the assessment and the financial reconstruction plan etc. of the Nakata municipal administration. The trend of the floating vote seems to grip the key by the outlook with House of Representatives election where it chooses and voter turnout rate rises double.


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・Fuji Telecasting Co. is caster Yuko Ando in the main chairperson of the election special show broadcast on the 30th in the day of House of Representatives election ballot counting of the 18th.
 (50)、It was announced that actor Ryojun Ishihara (47) and Takashima Irod announcer (30) of this bureau would be appointed.

Television Tokyo Channel 12 Ltd. also announces the executive summary of election special show "Proposal to Nippon strategy meeting - tomorrow-" (back 7.57) on the day and this the 30th. Integrated caster's Otari Maoco (44) have an interview in Tokyo, and "I want to tell how our life becomes it after the election ends around. "In addition, it was enthusiastic, "The affirmation is taken so that the political party that rose to power might achieve the commitment".

Besides, Nippon Television Network Corporation appoints Shinsuke Shimada (53) et al. to the overall host. Beat Takeshi (62) performs to TBS by a special commentator. The overall hosts of TV Asahi are Italian Shiiratsco Furudate (54).


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