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the new people support, and the communist party official recognition of = reported. Ballot counting day is the same the 30th.

Mr. Hayashi is a strategy that extrudes to the vesical surface the recommended candidate for the Democratic Party that aims at a change of regime in House of Representatives election it. On the other hand, it thinks the political party color to avoid the influence of the concealment national administration though Mr. Nakanishi receives substantial support of the Liberal-Democratic Party and fair bilateral.

The issue of the assessment and the financial reconstruction plan etc. of the Nakata municipal administration. The trend of the floating vote seems to grip the key by the outlook with House of Representatives election where it chooses and voter turnout rate rises double.

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・Fuji Telecasting Co. is caster Yuko Ando in the main chairperson of the election special show broadcast on the 30th in the day of House of Representatives election ballot counting of the 18th.
 (50)、It was announced that actor Ryojun Ishihara (47) and Takashima Irod announcer (30) of this bureau would be appointed.

Television Tokyo Channel 12 Ltd. also announces the executive summary of election special show "Proposal to Nippon strategy meeting - tomorrow-" (back 7.57) on the day and this the 30th. Integrated caster's Otari Maoco (44) have an interview in Tokyo, and "I want to tell how our life becomes it after the election ends around. "In addition, it was enthusiastic, "The affirmation is taken so that the political party that rose to power might achieve the commitment".

Besides, Nippon Television Network Corporation appoints Shinsuke Shimada (53) et al. to the overall host. Beat Takeshi (62) performs to TBS by a special commentator. The overall hosts of TV Asahi are Italian Shiiratsco Furudate (54).

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The Kuniko Inokuchi former falling birthrate charge aspect of the Liberal-Democratic Party is a transmission lingua at the party as for the intention that will decline the House of Representatives election candidacy by the 17th.
It is thought that opposite in the intraparty is strong in the proportionally single candidate's preferential treatment this time based on a severe election situation, and Mr. Inokuchi judged it based on such an intraparty situation though Mr. Inokuchi was recorded to the first list of names place as "Eyeball candidate" of the proportional representation Tokyo block in House of Representatives election the last in 2005 and was elected for the first time.

A present executive is not drawing a conclusion about three Mr. treatments though the branch of Mitsu Kondo (Kinki) and Nagashima Tadayoshi (Hokuriku Shinetsu) both men are treated in the first list of names place in last House of Representatives election as well as Mr. Inokuchi, and it is assumed, "Chief secretary Tsutomu Takebe at that time is a commitment lingua as for preferential treatment by two term serial".

Chief secretary Hiroyuki Hosoda described in the Fuji Telecasting Co. program the 16th, "Various details were considered", and showed the idea finally adjusted whether to treat by the proportion epistatic in relation to this.
There is a possibility that it gives preferential treatment from Kansai economic circles and the party Osaka Prefecture ream only to Mr. Kondo that the demand is strong, too. (cooperation)

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in front of JR Nagaoka Station in Niigata Prefecture Nagaokashi. 「When the rudder is cut now, Japan :. I personally cut the rudder. 」It solved and the voice was raised.

Prime Minister Eimoto, that is, father the late Sumi gave birth to road construction tax revenues. It summarizes it in 15 sunset party interview , saying that "(I :) Differ from the politician in that age". However, the appearance of the party and the affiliate of the union was unremarkable though lingua husband's with democratic assembly member of the House of Councilors Naonori had attended the first opinion in front of Nagaoka Station together. face of the Liberal-Democratic Party Ryuichi Yoneyama.. (41) : to this. 「Politics doesn't change in Mr./Ms. Tanaka. Do you change really in the Democratic Party?」With the criticism.
Mr. Tadayoshi, Nagashima head (58) of old Yamakoshimura who endeavored in the disaster recovery due to this prefecture Nakagoshi earthquake of 04 years sticks by proportion candidate's Koizumi children and it supports it.

Ichiuji Italian department Masari (57) of the new face of Shamin also have run.

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Mr. Aoki love who finishes address of the first opinion in photograph and waves to voters

Shi Aoki of the Democratic Party that challenges representative Akihiro Ota (63) of Komeito in Tokyo 12 district (44).
It appeared in the office in prince Kitaku Hommachi with a black wearing a suit at 9:00AM.
Mascot character of the Democratic Party "It doesn't see easily, and it is moss Yasui" (affiliate) First opinion in road in the vicinity of the office after it chats with "Mr. Minzhu".

 「It comes up to another step though a very severe electoral district. It is my role to win one seat of the Democratic Party in Tokyo 12 district here. 」It appealed. 
In the place where one road was separated, there is a campaign office of the Liberal-Democratic Party, and the Casearia graveolens ..affiliate.. seeing also.

Mr. Aoki whose this day was a birthday waved to the rooting from the audience in the smile. "Blue" to say nothing of image Zantedeschia aethiopica K.Spreng..
Blue Taski is put, and after the first opinion, it will stump it to a blue election campaign car boarding. Miss Horeites cantans also「Love changes Japan. Jesus and love and Equus kiang」It shouted. 

From the candidacy interview of the electrical shock for about three weeks. The metropolitan assembly and district Gi have rapidly advanced the election preparation.
The camp affiliate「Loved character. The reaction is good. 」It solves and confidence is shown.
When it is undecided, whether it achieves it is Iu though the pep talk is requested to Ichiro Ozawa in the camp.

- Saori (26) communism is new among Aoki (44) democratic Motoike before fairness happy Shinota Akihiro (63) of Tokyo 12 district (part of Kitaku and Adachi Ward) candidate Ata Cnihidegyou (33) et al..

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Http:// in the photograph smile ..waving.. ..Kinusatoco Fukuda who leaves for the canvass...

The war of 12 days was started with a smile vigour and full.
(28) ..the Democratic Party and Kinusatoco Fukuda in Nagasaki 2 district.. is a type of going to the front in the Isahayashi internal Goseong park.
「I cannot be defeated. Neither the headband nor the cord are suited. It forgot to paint the sunscreen. However, it holds out to the utmost. 」The voice flew , saying that ".... Stick with it!" when exchanging it appealing seriously and laughingly.

11 ..race cards clear.. months, September 18 last year passed. Victory prayer in Goseong Shinto shrine of park buckwheat noodle at morning of this day.
With a smile , saying that "The body is tightened" when you wear the cord by a white polo shirt appearance. It turned between types of going to the front calling the supporter.
The snapping turtle that gets it from the friend is made a pan, wine is opened, and the supper only of father, Mr. Kichiko (67), mother, Katsuko (64), and the family at the previous night.
Mother「Let's hold out by one's best. Do not regret. 」It solved and the yell was sent.

Former Kyushu plaintiff leader of damage of crops by chemicals hepatitis lawsuits. In the address called a taste to which the new figure parts, an own experience is a radical.
「I am fortunately alive now. It makes an effort to become the hand of people who live hard in suffering, to become a foot, to become a voice, and to use my body. 」It was asserted in the expression in which it did not hesitate.

Mr. Shosei (68) of Kuma of the blocked Liberal-Democratic Party former job prayed for the victory in the spa Shinto shrine in Nanto Haraichi of coming from and went to the front.
It is : by being in the electoral district at the announcement first day after an interval of 14 years. Results are appealed to the last minute by the local sticking.

- Urakiyoco no Niiai democratic Shinyamazaki Toshiro (29) of Shibata love (35) happiness Shinpuku Takinusatoco (28) (45) is no new in front of the Liberal-Democratic Party Nagasaki 2 district (Nagasakishi, Shimabarashi, Isahayashi, west sea city, and Unzen city, etc.) candidate Kuma Shosei (68).

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When 1374 personnels who ran for this House of Representatives election were seen, the Democratic Party became a consequence contrasted as the newcomer candidate went up to about four times the Liberal-Democratic Party, and the female candidate also exceeded the Liberal-Democratic Party drastic for the Liberal-Democratic Party that occupied 1/3 by the heredity candidate and stood out the advanced age.

- Woman
The number of candidates of women became 229 people and 16.7% of the entire candidate, and became most ever including the multimember districts age.
202 of the 2000 a lot was 147 current people last time (2005).
73 person happy achievement party supported and a whole number was pushed up.
It is a factor for the Democratic Party to appoint the woman positively, and to have supported 46 people who hit twice or less last time 24 people at the same time.
Acting leader Ichiro Ozawa in charge of the election is aiming at the no league vote win by putting up the woman in the electoral district of the important person candidate of the government party.
The Liberal-Democratic Party remained in 27 people who exceeded last time by one person.

- Age
The mean age of all candidates is 50.7 years old, and it is almost the same as 50.6 last years old. When the Liberal-Democratic Party compared democratic bilateral, the Liberal-Democratic Party exceeded 55.5 years old and averages, and the Democratic Party became 49.4 years old. Bilateral and last time are exceeded at about the age of two.
Liberal-Democratic Party..extremely..a lot one's one's sixties..reach..advanced age..prove.
99 people in his/her forties accounted for the Democratic Party for a lot of 53.6% by 177 people below one's forties.
In the highest age, the Liberal-Democratic Party is Tetsuo Kutsukake (shoes imposing) former disaster prevention charge aspect where former Foreign Minister Taro Nakayama (85) and the Democratic Party ran from the Hokuriku Shinetsu block of the proportional representation as an assembly member of former Liberal-Democratic Party the House of Councilors (79). The Liberal-Democratic Party ran both from Kanagawa 11 district by Mr. Katsuhito, Cme () attorney (27) (And, person) by former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's (28) ..the second son and Susumu Jiro.. and the Democratic Party, and became a minimus confrontation minimus.
There is another candidate of 27 years in the Democratic Party.

- Heredity
The number of candidates is almost the same as 326 Liberal-Democratic Party people and 330 Democratic Party people.
The (1) relative has the Member of Congress among these, and the ground (the entire electoral district or part) is succeeded to.
(2)The Liberal-Democratic Party is 109 people when "Heredity candidate" of the blood parent is Member of Congress-Noi slippage Kao case where it fills it even if the ground has not been succeeded to, and 33.4% of the candidate of this party. The Democratic Party remained for this by 32 people in 9.7%. (henceforth abbreviation)

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 「The experience and the experience of giving it are chewed well, and one's best is thrown to the economic recovery of Japan. I want you to make it win again. 」。
Mr. (78) former Prime Minister KAihuToshiki of the Liberal-Democratic Party former job that ran from Aichi 9 district included power by the type of going to the front opened in aichi prefecture Miwacho.

49 years every 16 times of the winning in assembly member Reki. There is a voice to request the generation change though it becomes the subject of a special commendation of in service the assembly member for many years if it is elected this time and it reaches in 50 in local, too. No do double candidacy to the proportional representation, and it faces it by the formation of ..daring.. backwater.

It suffers a series of defeats to Mr. Ama by the small electoral district, and (38) is the first opinion in this prefecture Tsushimashi.  Mitslisao Okamoto of the Democratic Party former job that becomes the third challenge
 「Battle that 'New futuristic' raises act or old-fashioned bonds continue. I want always to win. 」It appealed powerfully to the voter. (cooperation)

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House of Representatives election published putting the political power selection on the 18th becomes a big occasion that starts asking new economic coordinate axis that takes the place of the Koizumi structural reform. Four years from postal administration election ago of four years that the Liberal-Democratic Party overwhelmed by overwhelming support of public opinion.
The place of current appeals and trials by people was not given though "Adverse legacy" of Koizumi's Revolution like the gap problem etc. had been always put in question in ..cheapness afterwards.. time and Fukuda and three political powers of Aso. At last, the.. settling starts visiting.

 「Consideration was insufficient for the problem about which people named the regional differential and Warkingpa worried though there was an industry that expanded in a series of deregulation etc. , too. The distortion is frankly perceived, and it corresponds seriously. 」

Prime Minister Taro Aso talked so by the first opinion after the announcement, and apologized to the audience.
It was appearance of consciousness of crisis that the contrary wind to the Liberal-Democratic Party was not able to be got over as long as the track was not clearly amended as for former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's reform path.

One of the representative examples of privatization of postal services and Koizumi's Revolution that queues up is deregulation of the labor law system.
The government revises Worker Dispatch Law in 2004, and lifts the dispatch to manufacture.
After last time of 17 years House of Representatives election, an increase of non-regular worker according to this kept bathing in the criticism as a gap problem though the enterprise came to be mobile good at the infusion of the number of men according to the change in the business environment by making labor market fluidized perceiving various way of workings.

Especially, "Dispatch cutting" becomes a big social issue due to economic environment progression of the disease because of last autumn's Riemann shock, and the instability of employment has risen at a dash. The shape that the Liberal-Democratic Party could not help also facing from "Adverse legacy" and the front at last for the opposition party () by a shape attack raw material.

Actually, ruling and opposition parties enumerate both "Safety" and "Stability" as a key word of the political power commitment this time, and the gap correction plan etc. compete. (Continue. )

"Part with the passed market fundamentalism" of the Liberal-Democratic Party by which former Prime Minister Koizumi overwhelms it in last House of Representatives election popularly getting on is described clearly in the political power commitment.
The principle ban of the daily employment dispatch and the support of the young person's regular employment making were included.

On the other hand, the Democratic Party insists that it should correct "Immobilization of ligand of the gap" in which the difference of parents' rich and poor is inherited to the Tsugiyo generation by founding the scholarship system to which gratis making substance and all applicants of the high school tuition besides the hike of the minimum wage to 1,000 yen are received.
Social Democratic Party and the communist party also are appealing for the amelioration of the employment environment.

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The 45th House of Representatives election published on the 18th. A severe electoral campaign that the minister and the three key officials experienced person of the inside and the Liberal-Democratic Party by which "Political power selection" becomes a strongest theme do not have the example in the past either has been forced. Is Bassari deforested to former Prime Minister?
The former defense aspect is rooted out. ?The war of 12 days that important persons were hot, and hot started.

 「Dark clouds is shrouded, and it elects it severely. I want to hold out by the experience and results. 」
Former Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori (72) of the Liberal-Democratic Party former job that aims at 14 term serial winning in Ishikawa 2 district prays for the victory in the Ishikawa Prefecture Komatsushi internal Shinto shrine and is the 1st opinion on this day. About 3000 supporters who gathered were destroyed and the stiff expression was not destroyed ahead from beginning to end.

On the other hand, ..assassin candidate.. figure of the Democratic Party Mieco Tanaka.. (33) is the first in Komatsushi opinion.
It was appealed, "I wanted to change Japan from Ishikawa", and started the electoral campaign riding on the bicycle that had completely become familiar.
Prime Minister experienced person Vs former contract worker's new figure woman. The inside and the situation that the contrary wind to the Liberal-Democratic Party blows hard though the combination that doesn't become a normally straight match are drastic changes. There is already a perception that Mr. Tanaka reversed, too.

Publicist's Mr. (51) Harumi Arima says. 「Moriuji is strict. It invades, and it returns, and such a joke is emptily well-known in the Tanaka camp , saying that 'It is bad for the environment when cutting down forests' , saying that 'Cut down forests', too. 」(Continue. )

【 Ishikawa ]- Former Prime Minister new Yoshiro Mori 72 of the Satoru Miyamoto 2 district (Komatsushi and Kagashi, etc.)49 party sub-representative of prefecture product independence.
The secretary people of 33 Mieco Tanaka former assembly members are new. (order of registration)

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Tacashihou Okawa governor (53) of the happy achievement party that ran in the first Kinki proportion place gathered about 1700 people by Osaka and Nanba on the 19th and the soap box speech was done.

Mr. Okawa who declared with great confidence, "Japan can develop if what I say is heard".
The Liberal-Democratic Party and the Prime Minister Aso are enumerated in the victim. 「It stood on the street with the wristwatch of ..taking.. 1500 yen because it lost when destroyed on the announcement ..Mr. Aso.. day. It is stingy. I am a clock of the price of one Manbai. 」。

In addition, to democratic and the Hatoyama representative「Did you watch the television at night?The head is nidus avis. Employ it in the Heamac person. Does such economic environment improve?」It bit to two administration of country party.

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Mr. Koizumi who ran to the assistance of the candidate of this party : the audience who passes 1000 people ahead. 「It is and it is person. More than prime minister's time. 」It excised, and was comical.  solved

This time, is does it retire from the assembly member of the House of Representatives and it Takara?「There is a possibility of achieving the change of power as long as there is not great. To the opposition party occasionally not bad either. 」The pessimistic outlook that was not able to be thought was refreshingly talked about as the pep talk of the candidate of the Liberal-Democratic Party. On the other hand,「It is thought that taste painful of the government party without doing a criticism alone.
 The people who said, '(recuperation accommodations of Japanese postal administration) It is ..hotel of.. private ..important..' ....prearranged performances.. good.. be able be not sure to omit uselessness and to do. 」The criticism lingua of the Democratic Party stressing the meaning of voluntarily and "Structural reform" of advanced deregulation and cuts in expenditures.

Mr. Koizumi appealed last time, "Privatization of postal services is a castle proper of the structural reform". The person overflowed on the street in the whole country to see Mr. Koizumi glancing, and the Liberal-Democratic Party overwhelmed it.
After that, four years. How correspond to a local gap, the gap of the income, and the breakdown of medical care is asked in this House of Representatives election as the city that can be said, "Adverse legacy" of the structural reform.

The opposition party is taking the strategy that makes "Adverse legacy" the raw material of the thorough government party attack.
The sedge acting leader of the Democratic Party arrived at the home-town and Hiroshima prefecture Higashihiroshimashi of Nakagawa Hidenao and former LDP Secretary-General who was Mr. Koizumi's aide, and raised the voice , saying that "The Koizumi reform route where Capitalism stampede was permitted was a big mistake" on this day.
Representative Watanuki of the people new party also specified in Niigata Prefecture Kashiwazakishi, "It was changed by Japan in the competing supremacy principle and the marsh far from a consequence from which Mr./Ms. Koizumi's manifesto was executed and rose flower's blooming".

"Koizumi parting" is advanced also by the Liberal-Democratic Party. It was described clearly in the political power commitment, "Parted to the passed market fundamentalism", and typed out the conversion from the Koizumi reform route.
"Koizumi children" It is 73 people that run from the Liberal-Democratic Party among 83 people. A lot of ground is a weak, painful war.
There is a candidate who is the keep away from with Mr. Koizumi , saying that "Koizumi's Revolution was a mistake", too. The criticism to having made the second son run as a succession is fumigated, too.
The old-timer of the Liberal-Democratic Party criticized Mr. Koizumi who seemed to have lost "Supernatural power" so.  "It shall not be a critic any longer. "  (excerpt)  Http:// a=20090820-00000072-yom-pol

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as for the questionnaire that asks the idea of the policy concern. A lot of items made the difference of the insistence of the bilateral candidate clear like proving the confrontation structural outline that the Democratic Party points "Change of power" at the Liberal-Democratic Party that had been bearing the political power long.
The questionnaire obtained the answer from 1347 people. The recovery factor was 98%.

Especially, treatments of the pension plan and the consumption tax that the difference's having stood out becomes a point of issue in the outlook on the constitution, the diplomacy posture, and the electoral campaign, etc.
Opposite has gone up to 95% in the Democratic Party while 49% of the respondent of the Liberal-Democratic Party agreed that it decides the hike of the consumption tax rate in the tenure of office of four years after it is elected.

The extermination of waste hangs, and the Democratic Party is denying the hike of four years though the Liberal-Democratic Party is assuming that it works on the taxation system drastic measure reform including the consumption tax by 11 fiscal years so that may appeal for "Responsibility political party".

The insistence of the candidate of bilateral is an in the forehead confrontation even if coming round the pension plan. 81% favoured "Basic pension financed entirely from tax revenue" to the Democratic Party though 71% favoured present "Insurance premium method" that appropriated the insurance premium to financial resources of the basic pension to the Liberal-Democratic Party.
However, there are 19% answer with "Basic pension financed entirely from tax revenue" in the Liberal-Democratic Party, too and it is possible to look for the foundation of the pension discussion that exceeds the league.

66% dissented to the Democratic Party though amendment of the Constitution did not become a big issue of House of Representatives election while 82% of the Liberal-Democratic Party had agreed with Article 9 revision in the questionnaire. In the diplomacy posture, 63%, and "It is necessary to move the specific gravity up to now to Asia" is 62% .."It is necessary to value Japan-U.S. dealings most ..Liberal-Democratic Party..".. ..the Democratic Party... Whether it was necessary to dispatch the Self Defense Forces for the Afghanistan support, "It was necessary to dispatch it" was 58 ..Liberal-Democratic Party.. %, and "Should not dispatch it" ..Democratic Party.. was contrasted with 68%.

The total of "Did not assess it" and "Do not assess it at all" accounted for the Democratic Party for 98% about the structural reform that former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi had advanced. In the Liberal-Democratic Party, the total of "Assess it very much" and "Assess it to some degree" is 82%.
The answer of Prime Minister Taro Aso who showed posture in which the structural reform route was amended was "Assess it to some degree. "

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(28) ..Susumu Koizumi Jiro who ran from Kanagawa 11 district.. became the first day of tears by the second son of former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi (67). The type of going to the front in the election countermeasure office in Yokosukashi and Miurashi from the morning to noon.
「It doesn't come to assist in father, Junichiro, and Kotaro the elder brother (talent). However, there is you. 」With the greeting.
About 1000 people are gathered in the city facilities at night and the individual address association. "It wanted you to entrust the vote rather than voting for me" reached the feeling by the hoarseness that began to be squeezed and tears were thrown.

On the other hand, Mr. Katsuhito (27) of Cme of the Democratic Party that aimed at the heredity stop also did the type of going to the front in the Yokosukashi internal Shinto shrine, and the soap box speech was done in eight places. It ..a type influenza.. develops on the 15th.
Doctor's acceptance was obtained on this day, and it upped and about doing. It shakes hands to make sure by wearing gloves.
While the voice of "May sleep without being defeated at Susumu Jiro" and the encouragement flies
「It revived from the influenza like the phoenix. I want to face the 30th by the gratitude that was able to combine with you. 」It spoke. 

- Yoshiki new Iwata Masako new Ito Kanagawa 11 ward candidate Tsurukawa happy Teruhisa (35) (68) communism Shinko Ssm Jiro (28) Liberal-Democratic Party new Cme democratic Katsuhito (27) (50) is no new.

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・As for the party leader of each party, it stumped, and the remark to put the Democratic Party preponderance from the opposition party on the mind come one after another to House of Representatives election in the whole country on the afternoon of the 19th. Representative Yukio Hatoyama of the Democratic Party : in Sendaishi and Fukushima Prefecture Koriyamashi. 「I want you to hold out to the Liberal-Democratic Party more. Even if only one party is steady, it is useless. Two great party politics can answer the people' expectations well for the first time in function Shite. 」The caught remark was repeated with the margin.

..touch.. clarification to the question to not Prime Minister Taro Aso (Liberal Democratic Party President) but Mr. Hatoyama in the previous question-time debate association in ..chairman Kazuo Shii of communist party.. conference of Sendaishi , saying that "The person with very strong possibility to be going to lose office in the future was felt not productive even if the future was discussed with the other party".
It was specified, "The focus is already after a public political power".

The Fukushima Ruisui party leader of Social Democratic Party appeals for the existence of Social Democratic Party in Moriokashi , saying that "Does only the Democratic Party become ..completing.. one person winning Shite political?". It was described to reporters, "Changed it into the address that stressed Kao to which Social Democratic Party played what role in New Politics".

On the other hand, the Prime Minister : in Hokkaido. 「The Democratic Party cannot bring the intraparty together by the most important security. I want you to think by not the political power but the policy. 」It appeals, and representative Akihiro Ota of Komeito is a soap box speech of Shizuokashi and a deployment lingua , saying that "The policy changes round and round, and financial resources cannot be specified" as for the Democratic Party criticism.

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 「Health Minister Masuzoe is a criticism lingua , saying that 'When the child allowance of 26,000 yen is distributed by the Democratic Party political power, parents use it for pachinko etc.'. The cold politics that people are not trusted. 」。
Around the station at afternoon of the 19th in Tokyo Hachiojishi. The passer-by halted one after another, and after it had addressed, surrounded it for the handshake and the commemoration taking a picture with the cellular phone when the assembly member of the Democratic Party of Hasmoyai the House of Councilors gripped the mike.
Hasmoyaishi that TV appearance is a lot of in the talent coming from is one of the signboard assembly members who queue up with the assembly member of Akira Nagatsuma the House of Representatives of "Mr. pension".
As for the north, Aomori and the south addressed to Kagoshima in 60 places of one capital two prefecture 16 prefecture for one month from the House of Representatives dissolution to this day.

The assistance request pours in and "Allotment" is ..Democratic Party.. decay ..representative Yukio Hatoyama immediately after dissolution of the House of Representatives.. ..Kansai and chief secretary Katsuya Okada.. though Kanagawa, Shizuoka, and acting leader Naoto Kan emphatically decided the policy of entering to Tokyo. Of each keeps stumping 5 and six places every day. Sub-representative Seiji Maehara also has already turned by 80 places after dissolution.

On the other hand, the case stands out to the utmost also in the class of the executive of the clique as for the Liberal-Democratic Party that receives the contrary wind because of my election campaign.
Instead, the assistance request has concentrated on Health Minister assembly member of the House of Councilors Masuzoe and former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi who retires.
Mr. Masuzoe who was able to explain the social security system with a high voter concern already had 250 requests or more from the whole country.
The spirit has been raised , saying that "The political power cannot be left to the opposition party who hangs out an irresponsible policy".

When the conference is finished even on the 19th when "Real fashion" of a new influenza was declared as the Health Minister, the flight pep talk in Akita. The idea that keeps being assisted while gazing at the widespread infection in the future. The guess with "The party race in September is considered" goes out of the intraparty because the name rises as Prime Minister Taro Aso's succession, too.

In the request to Mr. Koizumi, "Koizumi children" elected first in House of Representatives election the last in 2005 is centers. The image of charisma that leads historical victory is still persistent, and the party affiliate specifies "Candidate psychology wanting to cling to the Koizumi myth".
Besides this, when popularity is high, woman cabinet member's user of Seiko Noda administration charge aspect and small Ftiyuuco declining population of children charge aspect are Iu come one after another to Minister for Agriculture Shigeru Ishiba the request with "It wants you to talk about agricultural administration in the agricultural area". (excerpt)

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hangs to the vesical surface out "Opposition party unification candidate", and chooses and aims at from Osaka 10 district (Takatsukishi and Shimamotocho) Kiyomi Tsujimoto of the former job to run the aim of (49). However, the voice to hesitate also : to the joint struggle in the Democratic Party that develops the fierce battle with Mr. Tsujimoto in House of Representatives election four years ago. Eagerly aiming at the Democratic Party maintenance vote applying it to the Noshi learning between bilateral by experience is Mr. Kenta (38) of Matsunami of the Liberal-Democratic Party former job.

 「There is a common bedsill in the knowledge of the policy like the diplomacy and the security, etc. with the Liberal-Democratic Party democratically. It is absurd in Social Democratic Party. 」
Mr. Matsunami addressed the exception that perceived the insistence of the Democratic Party by the type of going to the front. The aim is the Democratic Party maintenance layer.

Therefore, the Matsunami camp is ..democratic support layer.. deployment as for the sensorium lingua strategy. In the soap box speech, Mr. Tsujimoto specifies the point about which it talked ironically in last House of Representatives election , saying that "The Liberal-Democratic Party and democratic also have only the difference of the curry and rice and curry with rice". 「The argument of Social Democratic Party is like a strawberry rice cake stuffed with bean jam. Do it eat the curry and rice and the strawberry rice cake stuffed with bean jam together and is it delicious?」The difference of the insistence of the Democratic Party and Social Democratic Party is ridiculed as calling etc.
However, the Matsunami camp is not a monolith. It is Iu when there is persistent repulsion for a series of Mr. Matsunami's like the signature participation from the supporter of Komeito to Joint Plenary Meeting of Party Members of Both Houses of the Diet of which everything leads to the voting abstention and the Prime Minister Aso unloading of House of Representatives plenary session by flash benefit money who recommends it etc. behavior.

On the other hand, the Tsujimoto camp produces strong cooperation of the Democratic Party and the union. It participated for the first time at union May Day in Osakajo-Koen in May, the address association was held with Katsuya Okada and the chief secretary of the Democratic Party in front of the JR Takatsuki station on July 31 after dissolution of the House of Representatives, and it shook hands with each other stoutly.
The Matisen activity introduces , saying that "It is an opposition party unification candidate of democratic, new people, and Shamin". Consideration to the Democratic Party that put off the original candidate support is shown as the character of "Change of power. " and "Joint struggle of the opposition party" dances the fly rise and flag.., and little do fly of the flag of Social Democratic Party, etc.The voting calling to Social Democratic Party to the proportional representation is keeping from.

Mr. Tsujimoto : to the election activity that changes completely with last House of Representatives election. 「I am an opposition party unification candidate. It only acts according to the fact. 」It solved and it stayed in the description.
Besides this, Mr. Wani, that is, new figure Asanuma (48) of the communist party and Tsutsui Hiroshicocorozashi (54) of the new figure of the happy achievement party run for Osaka 10 district. (excerpt)

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A former governor of preeminent rate of awareness and the leader of the governing party are clash-.

In Hyogo 8 district, it became a fierce battle district with ..Japanese new figure of new party Yasuo Tanaka.. (53) as an Motonaga field Prefectural governor who received the overall support of the Democratic Party of Mr. Tetsuzo Fuyushiba (73) of the Komeito former job eminent whole country in the former ..8.. Transport Minister who chose and aimed at that became a man-to-man fight in fact.
If you show "Air fight" by the performance for which Mr. Tanaka made the best use of rate of awareness
Mr. Fuyushiba is ..aid agency.. deployment as for general mobilization lingua "Ground battle". The type of going to the front developed each other and got excited in the sensorium lingua and developed ..saying.. verbal warfare.

Mr. Tanaka is a type of going to the front in the office set up in a central shopping street of the Hanshin Amagasaki Ekikita side in Amagasaki.
Mr. Tanaka is the first opinion and ..Mr. Fuyushiba.. deployment , saying that "When "Arata country" that fundamentally improves the system of the bureaucracy rule and centralization is not done for the achievement of the Amagasaki dream, do not become it" as for the sensorium lingua government party criticism.
「Amagasaki is a town where the humane sense of justice overflows. It is necessary to change it if there is a cooped-up feeling in Amagasaki. 」The revolution was appealed solving.

Vila is voluntarily continuously distributed while becoming sweaty in front of the shopping street and Amagasaki Station.
The voter who runs up also descends because it boasts of preeminent rate of awareness, and ..severity.. . according to the hand of the grasp Mr. Tanaka.

On the other hand, Mr. Fuyushiba is a type of going to the front in the office along left from Mr. Tanaka's office by about 500 meters the second in the national road.
Mr. Fuyushiba stresses results by the first opinion , saying that "Hashiri has pulled me out for 23 years for Amagasaki".
The nature power has been raised , saying that "Because the child and the grandchild make confidence an Moteru town, it is not possible never to be defeated".

It leaves for the street by car "It is ..the defeat at the celebrity candidate.." etc. while receiving the rooting. It called for support by hanging out at from the window of the car, and waving to the voter greatly.

Hyogo 8 district became a noteworthy district with local and Tokyo 12 district etc. of representative of Komeito and Mr. Akihiro Ota (63) that the candidate of the Democratic Party was not decided to the vicinity of the announcement. A familiar dry commentator, a former professional baseball player, and the incumbent mayor finally, etc. in the television.
Having assumed, the inside and the Democratic Party that disappeared were "Trump card" when plural celebrities' names surfaced as Mr. Fuyushiba's rival candidate was an acting leader of the party who aimed at a change of regime, and Mr. ..Ichiro Ozawa.. ..sworn friend of (67).. Tanaka. (Continue. )

Mr. Tanaka stresses the connection of "Zero point that the volunteer work of the Great Hanshin Earthquake aimed at politics" and local to citizens' doubts to "Parachute candidate" without the ground edge. The Manufest making etc. are chased, and stay in Tokyo as a representative of the party by the half during the week since the race card discernment on July 24. The soap box speech was developed by the hotel livelihood in the occasional guerrilla in Amagasakishi.

On the other hand, it is necessary to take care of Mr. Fuyushiba ..struggling to repulse.. by thorough "Ground battle" that operates the firm footing and the aid agency full.
On foot and the bicycle, and enterprise and time of the neighborhood association on the weekend since the last autumn where the dissolution style began to blow sticking in local all day.
The face has been diligently produced to various meetings and summer festivals.

Ichiki Coshi (32) of the new figure of Social Democratic Party besides this and figure of the communist party Etsuko Shomoto.. (55).  Hyogo 8 district
Mr. Tomokazu, that is, new figure Sumide (43) of the happy achievement party also ran.

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Referring to activity that asks relatives and friend acquaintance who is not academic society member for voting
F operation is progressed by the lantern festival recess return now.

 「It is necessary to win ..Absolutely... ..Komeito.. I hope the proportional representation section. 」

The face was covered with in sunlight that exceeded 30 degrees in the morning on the 19th and a handmade awning calyptra, and Machiko Shibayama (56) of Soka Gakkai Women's Bureau in The Jazz Singer bowed to manager's woman in the Narashi internal bakery.
The woman「Fair Mr. : in the ardor. It always moves. 」Wara.

It is nine such as shops in the vicinity and the elderly person houses of living alone to spend two time and to turn with the bicycle.
The voice to the family and relatives asks for disregarding without fail.

It almost understands how many votes to become because of a visit once from the other party's reaction. 「Are the current shop and four votes safe?The confirmation can be done because it goes to give a reward after it elects it. 」。Mr. Shibayama who had gone out of a certain shop showed confidence.
There is a day with the response of 50 votes a day, too. The general election of 05 years reached 1000 people by such accumulation the voice cliff ahead. "The half is sure Shite.. to have actually grown dark. "The calculation that kicks out 500 votes alone.

"Board cover for a ditch election" and Iu rotate and the agitator who becomes a nucleus like Mr. Shibayama has rotated fairness full.
Academic society members are about 7,000-eight Tise, and 14,000-16,000 people in Narashi according to party executives.
Every time, fairness has won the proportion vote of about 20,000 votes for the past ten years in Nara 1 district.
The amount more than the number of academic society members is a yield of F operation.

Half of the academic society member agitators who become nuclei are the levels, and are about 7,000 people and Iu. It visits there was response at the same time as hardening the academic society member where these people remain in the past ahead and it walks.

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The telephone survey was executed for the voter in 150 small electoral districts, and information on the coverage net of the whole country also searched for the situation of the first stage of the electoral campaign in addition.

As a result,
(1)Democratic is power to exceed majority (241) greatly alone, and to look for 300 seat stand.
(2)The Liberal-Democratic Party is a possibility of not reaching to half the number of seat (300) before it elects it, and retreating more greatly because of it.
(3)In the proportional representation section, the almost last average and Shamin fight hard against fairness and communism a little. ――The situation has been understood.

The person who is not clarifying the voting attitude is 40 percent, and ..proportional representation section.. ..30 percent.. ..weakness.. at the time of the investigation by the small electoral district.
Moreover, the person "It might change the voting ahead according to the situation of the election" descends 25%, and there is a possibility that the situation changes greatly until the last stage, too.
The headquarters executes the investigation that searches for the situation of 300 all small electoral district to a middle electoral campaign.

It chose to become the reduced drawing of the whole country, and 150 electoral districts that had been surveyed this time multiplied two findings and read a nationwide situation.
As for democratic, do a stable war by the small electoral district by many of former jobs and former employments, and furthermore the new face stands dominant and the case to pull the candidate such as the Liberal-Democratic Party apart stands out. 200 seats are passed in the entire small electoral district, and there is a possibility of stacking it more greatly, too.
The proportional representation section is power that exceeds 61 seats of 05 last years drastic by power to expand the seat all of 11 blocks, and reaches 80 seat Daigo half.

The Liberal-Democratic Party has the small electoral district to which a severe war has been compelled in various places even by the minister experienced person. The possibility to fall below 100 seats greatly by the small electoral district is high as a whole. The proportional representation section is decreased from 77 last seats, and it gets to 60 seats or a slight situation.
Last time, democratic is power in the urban electoral district where the Liberal-Democratic Party deprived of a lot of seats when 150 this small electoral districts were classified into "Local type electoral district" "Intermediate type electoral district" "Urban electoral district" 50, 50, and 50 according to the dimension of the electoral district internal city to recapture most, and to extend to 40 middle more than 03 progressing years. The electoral district of a democratic precedence stands out also in the intermediate type electoral district.

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・This paper is an implementation lingua in Juhachinichi because it searches for voter's voting behavior ahead for 3,600 whole country people as for the telephone opinion poll.  the 45th published House of Representatives electionWhen "Is it scheduled to vote for which candidate and the political party?" was heard, the Democratic Party exceeded and both small electoral districts and proportional representations exceeded the Liberal-Democratic Party greatly.
Moreover, 34.6% was pulled apart to the total 20.0%(the Liberal-Democratic Party center and a single this party) when the Democratic Party center and a single this party were matched, and the current state to which expectations to the change of power had risen was clarified to the framework of a desirable political power.

It reaches 35.8%, and the person who answered as the vote for the candidate of the Democratic Party by the small electoral district is an actual rate of votes obtained that this party obtained in House of Representatives election the last in 2005 and an almost this level. Rate of votes obtained (31・0%) of 34.6% in the proportional representation and last House of Representatives election was exceeded.

The answer of voting for the candidate of the Liberal-Democratic Party remained to this by the small electoral district in 18.7% and it remained in 16.2% in the proportional representation. The proportional representation has decreased to the Liberal-Democratic Party by the small electoral district by 20 points or more by about 30 points compared with the rate of votes obtained in last House of Representatives election.

On the other hand, when "Framework of a desirable political power" was heard, "Democratic Party center" exceeded and "Single the Democratic Party" exceeded 14.3% of 8.8% and "Liberal-Democratic Party center" and 5.7% of "Single the Liberal-Democratic Party" greatly by 25.8%.

The cabinet support rate is 21.7%, and the disapproval rate is 70.1%. In "Which Prime Minister Taro Aso or the representative of the Yukio Hatoyama Democratic Party was suitable for the Prime Minister?", Mr. Aso stood out in relief while Mr. Hatoyama was 45.9% and the unpopularity stood out in relief against 25.2% about the Prime Minister.

When having asked whether the voting lingua from which political party in the proportional representation of last House of Representatives election, 40.3% was answered as the Liberal-Democratic Party.

It is assumed that about 30 percent votes for the Democratic Party as for both small electoral districts and proportional representations among these this time, and has understood a support layer at that time has collapsed greatly.

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  bargaining on the 18th when House of Representatives election was published. The Liberal-Democratic Party and fair bilateral that strengthens the sense of crisis strengthen "Negative campaign" that is not only a policy of the Democratic Party but also attacks the executive individual. Other opposition parties aim at the policy achievement by cooperation with the Democratic Party and ..appeal.. aim at "Survival". The Democratic Party is a posture to get over the electoral campaign by "Safe driving" that repeats the clarification of the policy including it in the manifesto.
 - The executive address and the criticism are axles.

"A foolish thing such as the rearrangements of the budget (An economic pie :) like the Democratic Party and increasing is not done. "Prime Minister Taro Aso (Liberal Democratic Party President) is the first opinion in Tokyo Hachiojishi and a criticism on the 18th as for the economic policy of the Democratic Party. It criticized , saying that "The security of Japan cannot be left to the political party that was not able to take the policy and the unification".
Chief secretary Hiroyuki Hosoda of the Liberal-Democratic Party is a soap box speech in Osakashi on the same day, and ..acting leader Ichiro Ozawa of the Democratic Party.. deployment of the personal attack in the mind , saying that "Conditions like 'General Yami' are done, and trample down the democracy of our country if the Democratic Party rises to power". Representative Akihiro Ota of Komeito kept step , saying that "(the 17th) Eyes of Yukio Hatoyama and the representative of the Democratic Party swam by the question-time debate".
The target that the government party set in this House of Representatives election is "Government party majority. "The voice to doubt the accomplishment of a goal becomes strong in the Liberal-Democratic Party though Liberal-Democratic Party 300 takes measures to head off if it is not "Defeat" even if it decreases it from announcement Maeseticara of fairness 31 by 90 seats.

It was "Fair and square electoral campaign" (executive) that the Liberal-Democratic Party drew at first that hung out upturn etc. of economic indicator as results, and appealed for ability to hold the reins of governmentHowever, the Democratic Party criticism comes one after another from the mouth of the head of the government party, and the pivoting foot of the electoral campaign has moved to a negative campaign on the announcement day. "It was about the margin" of the governing party rather became remarkable shape.

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- The relative is an affiliate on the moving image contribution site.

・The Liberal-Democratic Party suffering a disastrous defeat expectation of House of Representatives election occurs, and "Aso cheerleaders" on the inside and the net coming one after another increases rapidly, and the reversal phenomenon of Tamihit has occurred. Especially, moving image contribution site "Smiling moving image" in which notice assignment of "Aso Liberal-Democratic Party channel" is handled by there are a lot of enthusiastic fans. In this site, writing Aso inclined to is Zrari in the question-time debate of the Prime Minister Aso and the Hatoyama representative to whom the viewer was broadcast unlike "YouTube" on the 12th though it is a cucurbitaceous plant that the comment is put on the moving image.

The storm of the highest praise in the Prime Minister Aso for the Hatoyama representative to be answering , saying that "The clarification was comprehensible" and "A sense of existence is different" , saying that "It might be Rosa hybrida hort. Maki", "Financial resources are very done", and "Friendship what" while the severe criticism comment had poured in.
A reaction different from the general public by 180 degrees.

It appears in the figure. The Liberal-Democratic Party popularity is obviousness ..7-10.. . in the implementation lingua net public opinion poll.  smiling operating company "Niwango" of the moving imageWhen the finding of the question of "For which political party do you vote?" was analyzed centering on an answer 20-in one's forties, the Liberal-Democratic Party 38.1%, and the Democratic Party 31.3% in the electoral district.
Proportion is Iu more than the Liberal-Democratic Party 38.7% and democratic 31.1%.

However, may I swallow this Aso popularity on trust?Because Prime Minister Aso's plural relatives are related to the affiliated firm of the moving image with a smile, it is doubtful.

「Mr. Iwao, 'Aso' vice president of Aso of the relative enterprise has assumed the position of the director of the parent company 'Dowango' of Niwango by Prime Minister's nephew since 05 years. The director of Niwango in addition allows one's name to be added and eldest son's Hatayutaca is allowing one's name to be added to the director in the associate company smiling ..serve concurrently as the director.. 'X tone' of the moving image. It is said notice assignment of the Aso Liberal-Democratic Party channel, and the predominant Liberal-Democratic Party is called a public opinion poll, and when the net is ..this side miso.. popular, it is no use of being seemed. 」
 (IT journalist)

Even if the consequence of the Tokyo assembly election is seen, it is clear not to relate popularity in the net to the vote. 100 is an agreement to people.

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In Fukuoka 6 district, former Public Management Minister Kunio Hatoyama (60) who causes "Dove's war" that raises the standard of revolt to Prime Minister Taro Aso (68) is developing the style electoral campaign of me concerning human affairs of the president of postal administration.
It confronts it with Kunio who also criticizes elder brother and representative (62) of the Yukio Democratic Party who has "Donation at the deceased" problem.
When a certain woman's opinion affects it, it is Iu in this though in (62) ..the Democratic Party and Kazunari Koga.., there is no representative Yukio.

Kunio who criticizes to own brother's representative of the Democratic Party to say nothing of the inside and the president of the party from whom the contrary wind blows hard is free in the Liberal-Democratic Party.
Was the performance that flew the dove in Yasukuni Shrine that had been visited on the 15th (War Memorial Day) immediately before the announcement pleasant?「Please prepare 100 white doves. I will fly by the type of going to the front. 」The order in the secretary.  solve
When the sustainer flew eight doves in Kitano Temmangu Shrine visited on the same day, the smile of the whole face was shown though the dove was not prepared in the type of going to the front on the 18th.

 「I am a white dove that carries out the justice. Dove black because elder brother (Yukio) is describing fallacy」Obtain..language..have a grip on the audience..announcement..talking paper..announcement..candidate..for..Vila..Liberal-Democratic Party..character..provide.Kunio「Even if it rots, the Liberal-Democratic Party is Thailand though going to be left a party when the Minister for Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications is resigned. It wants to throw away rot and to catch new Thailand. 」The wound in.

This contrasted margin has the strong point of the ground with other candidates of the Liberal-Democratic Party.
Kurumeshi in which Fukuoka 6 district is located is a maternal grandfather and a Bridgestone birthplace that Mr. Masajiro Ishibashi established.
It was defeated at Kunio who changed from Tokyo in the last small electoral district, and it was contented with the proportion undeletion winning though Mr. Koga of the Democratic Party was elected from the same district in 03. Want to borrow the power of another Yukio who is stumping the whole country as a representative of the party who is "Grandchild of Bridgestone" and .... (Continue. )

- Fukuoka 6 district (Kurumeshi, Okawashi, Ogorishi, and Uki are cities etc.) Http:// in front of Kunio * candidate Hatoyama (60) the Liberal-Democratic Party/happy Hiroshi Sato (46) new before democratic Kazunari Koga (62)/

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candidacy..schedule..Ota..Akihiro..representative..proportional representation..double candidacy..have..small electoral is made to run ..a single small electoral district.. as north side Kazuo (56) of the chief secretary in Osaka 16 district (part of Sakaishi) et al. policy of 7 candidates conventionally.

As for Komeito, because fighting hard is strongly expected, the fair wind to the Democratic Party has been discussing the double candidacy by various public opinion polls about Ota and the north side both men of "Party 2 the top".
Especially, because the Democratic Party is scheduling a former rate of awareness Aoki assembly member of the House of Councilors to support to Tokyo 12 district as a former talent, the election situation will be finally judged as "If the representative will defeat by any chance, defeat even if becoming a seat increase by the proportional representation" about Mr. Ota on the analysis lingua by the announcement day.

It was judged that the anxiety to loosening of histological power rather as the voice of repulsion with "If the double candidacy was perceived, the seat increase in the proportional representation became difficult" came out of the Kansai block extended, and it from an individual electoral district situation however "It was possible to win by the small electoral district if moving by the formation of the backwater. " and (party affiliate).

However, there is still a perception of severity, too and the voice to doubt support by a single small electoral district remains in the election situation in Soka Gakkai of the power base etc.
High tree Yosuke Era vs. chairman showed knowledge that it was necessary to discuss "You might use the system that was now in a dignified manner though the idea of formation of the backwater was able to be done" and the double candidacy positively by the communication satellite broadcasting on the 11th about the method of supporting Mr. Ota.

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..doing of the teacher these kind of things.. understands in reality" Hokkaido teachers' union (north Oshie class) mutters done "Election campaign" so aiming at this House of Representatives election he.
Telephone operation that calls passed list of names randomly, and appeals for support of the Democratic Party-affiliated to specific candidate.
Vila distribution to the vicinity. The instruction is Iu when coming from the campaign office of the union.

「I do not want to do in reality. The telephone is hung up with Gan. However, because the person on the union will put on the burden if it is said that it will not do ...」

The teacher continuously said, "It is believed that there would be something looking back if the political power was taken because it assisted in the Democratic Party in the so much".

- Famous innocent making
The teacher's election campaign is prohibited by The Election Law and the laws that apply to civil servants in the field of education. Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology put out the director of a bureau notification assumed to be "Ban etc. of the election campaign such as school personnels" to the board of education in the whole country on July 22.
This "Ban" innocent has been made famous by the teacher of the union for a long time though a customary notification before National elections.

When "Union morning gathering" started, the principal after it ends and the head teacher are ..morning gathering in the staff room.. ..continuation.. Iu in a Hokkaido internal public junior high school of about ten years ago in the place that is according to the man teacher who has not become a union member.
"We will inform of today's morality activity. "The instruction flew , saying that The ** teacher and the ×× ..".. teacher continuously" etc. ..I hopeing this district... At first, the teacher has not understood the meaning of "Morality activity" as for going for one's post. It was told by the colleague that the argot of the house-to-house canvassing and the Vila distribution for the assistance of the specific candidate whom it did by a couple of two people later.

It is a teacher , saying that "It was angry at going of ..evading of the argot to joke..".
The facsimile that directed home the participation to the canvass had been sent. For sending station was school, and sending time was working hours

The man of the road internal public junior high school length specifies the realities , saying that "In a part of school where the histological ratio of the union is still high, documentation for the election campaign and exchange it by using the telephone, the facsimile, the copier, and the printer etc. of the school for the liberty".

The teacher of the north Oshie class Abashiri branch work arrests it by the violation of the Election Law (acquisition) in House of Councilors election in 2004 according to the Hokkaido board of education. The disposal of the suspend from duty three month has been received from the taoism committee.

- Morality criticism
As for the north Oshie class, the activity that projects in Japan teachers' union as it protested against the wage cut last January, the limited-time strike is done, and about 12,500 teachers receive the admonition disposal stands out.

The north Oshie class distributed "It faced the deterioration course of study ()" and the title lingua material to each school last November.
The sub-title is "'Education for the nation' doesn't permit. "The criticism of "'Feelings that love countries are raised' is out of the question" etc. and the course of study in the item of social studies. Northern territories are assumed to be "It is made to think by no angle of the territory type of a Japanese endemic, and capturing and bright in the Ainu race and the war".

It is taken up that guidelines value "The regulations of the commitment and the society is defended" by morality, and in the office discussion material distributed in December of the same year, "Educational regression at prewar days that aims at 'An obedient man build-up to the nation'" and criticisms. "The ethical education of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology violates the liberty of the internal surface" is a standpoint of the union.
Independent training
Independent training based on material is done in places such as "Education Development Association" and "Educational Promotion Council Congress" of the municipality in the region where the union activity is active though handling on an educational site of such material has the geographic variation according to the taoism committee affiliate.
This affiliate worries , saying that "The tax has been turned on to the place of the study of the unlearning guidelines".

Prime Minister Taro Aso criticized not hanging out the national flag in the electoral campaign to the Democratic Party headquarters, and specified, "The influence of Japan teachers' union has been received". An opening teacher「The Liberal-Democratic Party is severe with the teacher.
(Struggled reversely. )It is put to the country at the rising-sun flag and national anthem of Japan. 」It grieves. 

And,「Still, the election activity because having come expected the opinion of the north Oshie class to influence national administration. This time, if it becomes the Democratic Party political power, and no educational administration changes, it is angry. 」It solved and power was put.

The electoral campaign of 12 days started aiming at ballot counting day of the 30th. What has occurred in situ ..the issue.. now though the Liberal-Democratic Party and democratic hang out the political power commitment, and it is made to fight as for the argument?It takes it up ,divided into four portions.

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- ..what politics you request...   The civil law full age age departmental meeting of Legislative Council of the Ministry of Justice having put the final report that assumes the reduction to 18 years old to be appropriate together over an adult age last month. What appeals and trials does 20 years old on whom it votes for the first time in 18 years old and National elections with the franchise might shortly give?

 - The following Prime Minister ...

 「When talking unlike other people, that person doesn't say, "Absolutely" 'Each other ー' or 'Food'. I think that there is terribly a robust conviction. 」。It is 18-years old woman that speaks so who serves it in the eating house in Tokyo and the kabuki town. A suitable "That person" for the Prime Minister is "Mr. Ishiyaburi (Agriculture Minister Shigeru). "

Another 18-years old women in the same shop「(The politician :. )Another person comes out even if it does and it is resigned that it is bad and it is done that it is bad. The politician is good following. 」The rough crocodile lingua of distrust.  solve

It is eastern country Hideo and a Miyazaki Prefectural governor that popularity was high as the next premier. "It is done that it is still more a little than the Member of Congress new" and "It jumped into the world of more serious politics living through in the spectacle society" etc. A different career seems to be appellate to the young person as the politician.

 - ? just like adult

 「I want you to lose getting a position a private company. Health care cost is made cheap. 」。It is high school student, and Takaaki Fukui (18) in Yokohamashi to discourse request Oko to the new administration. It is "Democratic Party. " to vote if the franchise is given. Of course, "Hatoyama (Yukio and representative of the Democratic Party) Mr.. " in the prime minister. On the other hand, high school student and Mr. Manami (18) of the band in Kofushi :. 「Satisfaction like today. I want to vote for the Liberal-Democratic Party. 」。"Mr./Ms. Koizumi (former Prime Minister Junichiro)" is recommended for the Prime Minister.
Many both chose kooky straw the Democratic Party with the adult at 18 years old and as a whole the ages of 20. It was added, "So far. " , "Popularize it once", and "Anything cannot be likely to be done", etc. ..however...

As for hope to the politics in the future, there were overwhelming the voice to request economic measures from the rationale a lot of "Life was an anxiety" and "It is not possible to find employment", etc.

 - In Akihabara and Shibuya ...

Tokyo and Akihabara where yell was sent to Prime Minister Taro Aso before. The young people's support besides the desire was a little.

 「It doesn't favour it now because it is indecisive. Because the court popularity is obvious, the performance of Akihabara is unpleasant. 」Clerk and Mr. (20) greens of Hirai morning in costume play reflexology shop. With the returned sword , saying that "Mr./Ms. Ozawa (special representative of the Democratic Party Ichiro assistant) doesn't accept in the physiology".

Female clerk (20) of "Rabbit Shinto shrine in Akihabara" that sells "Aso bun"「There are still a lot of customers who take the doll and copy Me of Mr. Aso. I want to expect it of the construction of 'Government-run cartoon having tea'. 」。

Moreover, vocational school student and Mr. Haruji Nakano (18) who had come to shop from the saitama prefecture :. 「If the voting can be done, it puts it in the Democratic Party. However, it is opposite to give the voting right to 18 years old. I do not think that it has the qualification that can still be judged. 」It spoke indifferently solving.

Mr. Rikiya (18) of Shibukawa of the part-time job : in young person's town and Tokyo and Shibuya. 「Nobody can expect it. The people were disregarded, and the politics of the line of vision from on thinks that it has continued for a long time. 」It had seemed to have been disgusted at the amount of Issei of the election campaign car that stopped before public the Hylephila.
- The conference with Koga Macotoera vs. chairman of the Liberal-Democratic Party is finished, and it is an eastern country Hideo governor (image) in Miyazaki Prefecture that answers the reporters' questions Http://

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This was received, and the report committee of The National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan (chairman = moat iron warehouse and president of Nagoya Television Broadcasting) announced the conversation with "Administration's intervening the mistake because of this Katashi broadcasting, and making the care rousing to the bureau a normal state beforehand cannot help holding an important anxiety" on the same day.

Each bureau was called at House of Councilors election of 07 years, the document was handed, and the repulsion of Minporen was caused by the calositas though Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications was doing a similar request at each National elections. Not the call this time but Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications visited, and mailed the bureau.

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A noteworthy electoral district in various places was chased though a general election this time when the approved candidate of the Liberal-Democratic Party and the Democratic Party confronted it.

Local and Hokkaido 11 district of Shoichi Nakagawa of the Liberal-Democratic Party that resigns the Minister of Finance by "Wax Aimi already" in February this year.
Mr. Nakagawa attends the electoral campaign by the declaration and the unprecedented sense of crisis , saying that "Sake has not been drunk any longer" this month.

「Japan grows serious growing serious of this election depending on the consequence. Japan is dangerous. 」(Candidate Shoichi Nakagawa [56] before the Liberal-Democratic Party. )

On the other hand..Democratic Party..ahead..representative..secretary..Ishikawa..this year..March..Nishimatsu Construction..illicit Public Prosecutors the background of..electoral campaign..influence..Hanai..strong feeling..take a stance.

「The provinces have been impoverished, too. I think that it is this the House of Representatives election to renew such a situation. 」
(Ishikawa Shihiroshi candidate [36] democratic and before. )

It is appealed that Murasakishi Watanabe of the communist party defends war-renouncing Constitution.
"Very important election that selects the course of new Japan. "(communism, new, and Watanabemurasaki candidate [60])

An intense electoral campaign is expected in the agricultural zone where Hokkaido is represented though it doesn't know where Mr. Nakagawa can recover local sustainer's confidence.

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Acting leader Ichiro Ozawa of the Democratic Party entered on the afternoon of the 18th when House of Representatives election was published and Sapporo entered for the road internal election assistance.
Five districts (Sapporoshi Atsubetsuku and Ishikari jurisdiction) on the road that Democratic Party Hokkaido located to "Utmost importance district" of the change of power achievement were chosen as ground of the first bounce in the provinces assist in the ground of former Chief Cabinet Secretary Nobutaka of the town and village of the Liberal-Democratic Party.

Mr. Ozawa arrives at the new Chitose airport around 0:45PM of the 18th. It waved in the smile when it was called by the female guest in the airport, "Stick with it!", it returned, and it stepped into a car at a quick pace though a navy blue wearing a suit and the silence from beginning to end.

Mr. Ozawa visits the campaign office of a certain (40) ..the Democratic Party former employment and Chiyomi Kobayashi.. among Ebetsushi and encourages the camp staff. Afterwards, it is scheduled that it stops by this party Hokkaido combination Eratai headquarters in Sapporoshi Chuoku, and opinions of the election situation etc. are exchanged.

A past election was known by taking "Secret action" as the campaign office in the whole country was suddenly visited and the movement contents was directed in detail, and was not clarified the schedule to Mr. Ozawa immediately before on this day either.

This party Hokkaido executive spoke, "It looked in the start of local assistance and an extraordinary volition to the change of power can look for Hokkaido to the choice calositas".

Hokkaido newspaper

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and it had multiplied, and two Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department investigation divisions and the Kameari stations arrested Tokyo Katsushika Ward Shibamata and suspect Katsuhide (67) of unemployed Onoda in the flagrant delict on the suspicion of the Public Office Election Law breach (liberty obstruction) on the 19th.
It is ..perceiving.. Iu according to this division when testifying, "Vila was presented, and it was obstructive" as for the suspicion.
The suspicion of the arrest is a doubt of spitting in front of JR Jouban Line Kanamachi Station in Katsushika Ward at about 8:45AM of the 19th to man agitator (39) who had distributed Vila of the election campaign and multiplying.

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The foreigner press club is "It is passive" expectations to "Hatoyama political power" felt in each electoral district.

It lectured it in Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan (FCCJ) after an interval of one and a half years yesterday (August 4).
The theme is "Whereabouts of the general election. "

However, the concern concentrated on "Whereabouts of the Hatoyama political power" that would be born perhaps in the hall.
The question and answer had concentrated on "Hatoyama political power" though a lot of audiences gathered by the preparation for a preliminary chair.
"Change of power" had already ended as atmosphere.

The concern for "Hatoyama political power" birth from foreign countries is extremely high. Having been surprised in above all because the author comes to FCCJ is that though the Tokyo stay became little time because of 300 electoral district reportage of "Bunshun Weekly" project.

As for "Hatoyama political power", the overseas journalists' questions after it lectures it are excluding one person.
By the way, the question on the exception was the one "Who defeats as an important person of the Liberal-Democratic Party?" when introducing it.

The face of the embassy staffer of each country having seemed to mix with overseas reporters a lot remained in the impression.
After it lectures it, let's roughly enumerate the author and the attache who has made the business card exchange.

Ireland, the United States, Australia, the Netherlands, South Korea, and Singapore and Chile and Belgium.
To be surprised in addition several when mail was checked with the personal computer at night the coverage request from overseas media, and to have existed immediately.
Such a reaction is the first time though it commutes to FCCJ every week, and it exists also who has made the lecture before.
Cheap..Fukuda..Prime Minister..political power..throw out..subsequent countries..large.
The behavior of an irresponsible leader was enough to make the confidence of the nation named Japan lost, and to damage the national interest.

What who on earth concretely believes the country of which the leader takes the place whenever the summit ends?

Diamond online

It came by the guest of "Deep layer of news" (morning sun Nustar) last night.
The Tsuneo Watanabe Tokyo foundation precedence researcher (former CSIS/Mitsui & Co., Ltd. strategy study place) also has a similar opinion.

「 The diplomacy approves only after there is an other party, and accompanies the continuation on that. It is also natural that there is puzzled in the change of the other party of the negotiation every year. 」

- Realistic compared with representative Ozawa. "Hatoyama diplomacy"
Well, the concern from overseas media naturally concentrated on the foreign policy of "Hatoyama political power".
It questioned on the following 3 on from surface-to-air missile James of the attaching special product reporter in FCCJ or more.
(1)About right to collective self-defense
(2)About the U.S. marine
(3)About the gas station (refuel) in the Indian Ocean
It is a gist of the question what policy you come up with respectively when becoming "Hatoyama political power" to You bet it is.
On the other hand, author's answer was the rough following contents.
Hatoyama representative's foreign policy will ..".. incline at a more realistic approach if it compares it with it of former representative Ozawa. In Japan-U.S. dealings, it seems that benign current dealings are sustained. Japan-U.S...dealings..Liberal-Democratic Party..political power..too much..change..rather..political power..birth..strong..partnership..construct..think.In the overall international dealings, it seems that Mr. Hatoyama are comparatively in a more Asian center and the strategy that values a geopolitical factor in other words Mr. Ozawa et al. while UN centrism, and the United Nations directing.

The connection improve with Russia is thought for the possibility of progressing greatly to exist if forced to say.
The reason has the Japan-Soviet Joint Declaration that former Prime Minister Hatoyama Ichiro of the grandfather accomplished based on "Family creed" of the Hatoyama family and the Iu power friendship psyche and it. The amelioration of dealings of Muneo Suzuki and the new party earth fee table well versed in an intention and a Russian problem of the road people in Hokkaido that is the electoral district joins it as an element. At any rate, isn't being seemed that there was too no substantial change "Hatoyama diplomacy. " as a whole?" Afterwards, the question on "Hatoyama political power" continued. It is certain that there was "Expectations" about the question on the Sonoi slippage. However, it is different from enthusiastic "Expectation" to former Prime Minister Koizumi in the last postal administration dissolution. It was blocked and the nature that was passive "Expectations" turned "Disappointment feeling" inside out to the Liberal-Democratic Party political power.

- A true trial of "Hatoyama political power" is waited for after the general election.
This time, the author walks in the Japanese whole country, and it is similar to the feeling calositas in each electoral district.
The par there is hardly a positive favouring to the Democratic Party.
It is air of the criticism in a discipline meaning to the Liberal-Democratic Party to which the governor ran away by two generation serial that it is.
Perhaps, voter's voting behavior is to have a shade of meaning to the Liberal-Democratic Party "Punishment".
Therefore, it can be said that the birth of "Hatoyama political power" is almost determinate.
However, a true trial for "Prime Minister Hatoyama" is waited for therefore after it elects it.
Criticism from intraparty who own "Donation problem", attack from opposition party, resistance from bureaucracy, repulsion from mass communication, and is relative above all――。
And, the disappointment feeling when failing rather becomes strong as the expectation from foreign countries is high.
"Hatoyama political power" A true war starts after the general election.

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  was published had been broken and a man of the unemployed of 57 years old was arrested by the police on the suspicion of the violation of the Election Law on the 19th.

It is suspect Yasuhiro (57) of unemployed Matsuo in Sagashi Higashiyokacho to be arrested.
It is assumed that same four posters of the candidate for the election campaign posted in the vacant lot in the kipper and the pus of Haki suspect Matsuo evening vicinity of home of one by searching for the Saga police station were broken and is lean doubt of the violation of the Election Law.

The man who lived near the site 7:00PM of the kipper and 18 was the report and arrested breaking by the police , saying that "A man who broke the campaign poster had been caught" on the 19th because of the perceiving calositas and the so on when the running policeman listened to circumstances from suspect Matsuo.

Suspect Matsuo is to testify, "Broke it because it was scolded by mother and it was irritated" to the examination of the police.

Moreover, it is whether found breaking by four political action posters of the political party that is posted it in the place where the meter leaves several ten sites and related to police of this case are investigated.

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It played a trick the poster of the representative of the Democratic Party and candidate Yukio Hatoyama who had run for House of Representatives election Hokkaido 9 district.
The citizens who were strolling discovered to be written with black spray paints in Tomakomaishi internal Numanohata 11 park near poster notice place as "×" on the morning of the 19th.

It is found, and when having examined it in the Tomakomai station, the mischief writing is eight places in Tomakomaishi, and, in addition, confirmation linguas in 11 places of one place in Shiraoi, Anping, and in total for each also in other notice places 11:00AM of the 19th. There was the one that had been written, "Charm" besides "×", too.
The Tomakomai station started investigating as a violation of the Election Law (obstruction of an election).

Yayoimachi, the prince town, and the Kei north town, etc. are almost affirmed by the whole area as for the Tomakomaishi internal damage, and nine Minshutoumiti district campaign office that supports the Hatoyama candidate :.
It is spoken, "As for must the political power selection election, and opening water such shape, resentment is felt".

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・Kanagawa Prefectural Police assumed that the poster for the election campaign of House of Representatives election was broken on the 20th, and arrested an unknown profession strong suspect (65= this prefecture Fujisawashi Shirominami) Sato in the flagrant delict on the suspicion of the Public Office Election Law breach (liberty obstruction). Suspect Sato testifies, "Felt sick addressed of the Otadai table of Komeito" according to prefectural police. Prefectural police are investigating detailed details.

The suspicion of the arrest is a doubt of tearing up two posters for the proportional representation of Komeito put on the parking lot in the Soka Gakkai Shonan lyceum in Fujisawashi with the house key for about 15 minutes at 0AM the same day.

The official of Fujisawa was a fear because there was damage from which the poster was broken in the same place twice in July.

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Prime Minister Taro Aso (governor) criticizes the policy of the Democratic Party to the Liberal-Democratic Party, "Socialistic".
The insistence on the maintenance regression was strengthened. The executive such as representative Yukio Hatoyama appealed for the aim and the household aid package and turned to the Democratic Party that confronted it round non-aligned voters's support enlargement.

The Prime Minister : in the soap box speech of Hokkaido Obihiroshi in rain. 「The Liberal-Democratic Party is a true conservative party. The one to be defended is a family, a hometown, and the country named Japan. Economy is developed, and after the pie is neatly enlarged, it distributes it. 」It solved and power was put.
The child allowance etc. supplied directly to people were assumed to be "Socialistic policy dripping distributed" to the mind for the manifesto of the Democratic Party.
After the announcement, the Prime Minister came to stress "Liberal-Democratic Party = maintenance" more than before. Senses of crisis to defeating also even a conventional support layer in addition to the inside and non-aligned voters to whom the change of power mood rises are Aruka et al..
The person who had enumerated the Liberal-Democratic Party in the Liberal-Democratic Party support layer the voting of the proportional representation ahead remained in 45% in the this paper public opinion poll immediately before the announcement. Then, the propping up to the maintenance layer where this party had been consistently supported was started.
The problem that the Democratic Party hung out the party banner that patched the rising-sun flag in the meeting of the Kagoshima prefecture became a shape attack raw material.

Chief secretary Hiroyuki Hosoda repeated by the Kanagawa Prefecture internal street address , saying that "Political party that chopped the rising-sun flag".
Former Chief Cabinet Secretary Nobutaka of the town and village also joined the criticism in the soap box speech of Sapporoshi , saying that "There is not what ..rising-sun flag.. sang the hanging calositas and national anthem of Japan in the Democratic Party rally either".

However, such a maintenance regression changes completely from the postal administration election in 2005 in last time that expands the support layer to a no league the situation, and tells painful on which the defensive has been forced.

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Representative Yukio Hatoyama of the Democratic Party, chairman Kazuo Shii of the communist party, and the Fukushima Ruisui party leader of Social Democratic Party entered Tohoku one after another on the 19th by the assistance of the candidate of House of Representatives election (voting on the 30th).
Mr. Hatoyama runs through Aomori, Miyagi, and Fukushima, and do the fight in one place after another of Mr. will title of Miyagi and Fukushima. Mr. Fukushima ran through from Aomori in Iwate.
Tohoku was considered, the policy of agriculture and the social security appealed, and the change of power was stressed.
The Liberal-Democratic Party that confronted it entered Akita by Health Minister Yoichi Masuzoe of the chief secretary special assistance, and fought back , saying that "The opposition party is really".

Mr. Hatoyama is a soap box speech in four cities (Hachinohe, Sendai, Fukushima, and Koriyama). 「I want you to hold out to the Liberal-Democratic Party more. Two great party politics can answer expectations of the people well for the first time in function Shite. 」It solved and the margin was shown.

 「It was said that all economic environments and social securities improved, too, if privatizing postal services. The responsibility is taken. 」With the indication.
It was enumerated that the Democratic Party was keeping stable support, and stressed the ability to hold the reins of government , saying that "Became a political party by which you may leave the political power".

Mr. will title stood on the street in both cities in Sendai and Fukushima. The latter half of the year medical-care system for the elderly etc. were criticized and power was put , saying that "If a safe society was made, public should leave the political power".

The achievement of the change of power was convinced, and the standpoint of the communist party was stressed , saying that "If the political power at the Democratic Party center was born, become a constructive opposition party".

Mr. Fukushima gripped the mike in the address association in the street in Aomori, Morioka, Hanamaki, and four going north cities and Oshu City.
「A fracture lingua public political power is ending a national life. Time when a new age was made came. Social Democratic Party should exist firmly. 」It talked.  (henceforth abbreviation)

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・Former Chief Cabinet Secretary Nobutaka of the town and village of the Liberal-Democratic Party : in the address in Sapporoshi on the 19th. 「If this election ends (individual donation scam) and the investigation starts, the Hatoyama representative of the Democratic Party finds guilty arguably. 100 legal relations people in Tokyo that I know say, 'That finds guilty'. Is it thought that such a person is made a Prime Minister?」It described.

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・Prime Minister Taro Aso : about the problem of hanging out the party banner that addresses in the Kagoshima Kirishima city in stumping the 20th late in the morning the street, patches two national flags in the meeting that the Democratic Party held in the same city, and makes it. 「It tore up the national flag. The story to have joked. 」It criticized. 

Moreover,「The Liberal-Democratic Party combines with Komeito and the expert lingua of the national flag national anthem law. Confusing and not having settled at that time are the Democratic Party. 」It describes, and the bill vote and the criticism lingua of correspondence of the Democratic Party that chose an independent voting.

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