It has been understood that mayor Toru Hashimoto in Osakashi is discussing the abolition of "Union vacation"

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It has been understood that mayor Toru Hashimoto in Osakashi is discussing the abolition of "Union vacation" in which the director of the staff trade union can do the union activity during working hours. City Bureau of General Affairs is starting the investigation of another city etc.The greater part of cities, towns, and villages are providing the union vacation of unpaid according to the notification of the country, and the abolition is extremely exceptional. The union is expected to repulse strong, and the voice specified from the specialist, "The transgression of a proper union activity may be done" comes out.

When the union executive can do only the negotiation of working conditions etc. at working hours, Local Civil Service Law is a definition. Old Ministry of Home Affairs notified to the municipality the meeting and the director election of internal in 68, "It is possible to furlough by unpaid".

In 1779 city, ward, town and villages of the whole country, 1258 city, ward, town and villages are up to definitions in the municipal law and the rule according to Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications in September, '09 as for the union vacation. 19 government ordinance city including Osakashi admits everything by unpaid only within 30 days a year.
Nara Prefecture etc. are not defining Osaka Prefecture as "It is necessary to do by outside working hours and the annual vacation excluding the negotiation".

2739 people in total are purchases in Osakashi as for 7088 hours in total in one year from October, '08. The activity contents and time are requested to superior Shite of the entry beforehand. About 580 overtime lingua ..definition.. will come to light in three years of 11 the union executive in the municipal taxes office. 13 people received disposal.

Mayor Hashimoto has the policy of proposing the municipal law idea that makes dealings of another and the city office where the evacuation request was done to six unions that move in the city office this public office building proper to the city council in February. The instruction lingua and it is Iu in the executive of the city.  discuss the abolition at the union vacation etc. "Everything is reset excluding the legal duty"

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