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Proportion that occupies it to 1.24 million Shinsei people overall population and the first crack by 1%

Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications brought the population estimate as of January 1 together. The Shinsei-jin in 2011 who attained adulthood newly in this year is 1.24 million people (630,000 men and 610,000 females), and the proportion that occupies it to 127.36 million total people is 0.97%.
After 1968 the start of Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications of the Shinsei-jin's population estimate, it ..1%.. interrupted for the first time.

It is 2.46 million of the population, the ratio, and 70 years that there was up to now a lot of Shinsei people (2.40%). It is time when had attained adulthood by the person of the first baby boomers of the 49th rare grader.

The setback afterwards. The decreasing tendency continues again after 95 years though it recovered up to 2.07 million people in 94 when the people of the second baby boom became adults. The Shinsei people of 11 years is almost half the number of the peak.
In the population estimate, it expects it 950,000 people 30 year the Shinsei people.  decrease up to 710,000 people in 50

The people of the birth at year of the rabbit are 10.08 million people, and on the other hand, 4.9 million men and 5.17 million women. There are a lot of people who become 60 years old the 51st rare graders this year in 1.86 million people. There are Linda Yamamoto Hiroshi Katayama, Public Management Minister, and singer et al..

Besides this, it is Kudo of the professional baseball player who shows the volition to the active service further directions in the bean-thrower at the setsubun ritual.
Mr. Takeyasu (rare the 63rd grader) and year woman have Mr. Masami, actresses Nagasawa (rare the 87th grader) et al..


Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!
Drive-through and the automatic settlement are - diplomatic relation ministries in = next generation ITS in possible.

The velocity route to the destination and care information on on the road start to the driver and the service of Intelligent Transport System (ITS) of the told next generation will start from the real time in full scale next January. Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport sets up the exclusive use antenna that will be called "ITS spot" by March sequentially in about 1600 places such as expressways, and maintains a nationwide use environment. The preparation for the service enlargement in the future is also advanced as the fee is settled automatically drive-through of the fast food restaurant.

Next generation ITS that integrates the function of automatic fare collection system (ETC) and the car navigation system provides fine traffic information up to now. Up-to-date information can be received from the ITS spot in case of the installing car of the correspondence car navigation system.

Because the route information after wide-ranging traffic data that exceeds the prefectural boundary is understood is possible, "The long distance transport can be done without being rolled in congestion" (person in charge of the diplomatic relation ministry) and Iu.
Care rousing of falling object of on the road and congestion of tunnel by voice and image.
ETC can be used.

Sightseeing information in the region etc. can be inspected by hooking up to the Internet in the exclusive use area of service area (SA) and the roadside station where the ITS spot is set up. The ITS spot is scheduled to be maintained with all SA in the Tomei highspeed and the Meishin highspeed.


Japan is good country!
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