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China is standpoint priority, is a diplomacy, a security treaty of the representative of a negative developing country, and a constraint fear in G8 to the "Interesting none" sedge Prime Minister's proposal.

When it is necessary to put China in G8, Prime Minister Naoto Kan is an assertion lingua in "The sense of responsibility is improved to China further" in this summit.
On the other hand, a negative view is successive from China.

G8 included the description that criticized North Korea of the patrol boat sinking case of South Korea in the head declaration on the 26th.
The report of Asahi Maasa director of a bureau of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs specifies at a press interview, "China is a member of not G8 but G20 though it knows the document of G8".
No matter what G8 meant it, the standpoint that the posture of careful China did not change into the North Korea criticism was made clear.

The temperature heirloom Prime Minister is NPC (Correspond to the Diet) in March, and China is clarifying the policy of valuing G20.
It is a caution that G20 is said, "G8 enters" as a representative of the developing country for China that strengthens international influence to the foothold and precedes.
Diplomacy..national security policy..number of degrees of freedom..lose..connect..Kanezu..beg..join..provide.
Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!
(Democratic Party of Japan,DPJ) that achieves the change of power (62). The animal is favorite and I like leading part's movie and shrimp rice cracker at home in the dishwasher charge. ――。Mrs. product (Miyuki Hatoyama) talked about husband's real face to Mainichi Shimbun (Mainichi) on the 31st.

Mr. product who had given an interview in the Hatoyama office in Hokkaido Muroranshi spoke though the nickname of "Space alien" was put up from the appearance and speech and behavior, etc. to Mr. Hatoyama, "It was completely a normal person, and it was a person with natural body". "In the meaning that love is obediently expressible, the space alien who doesn't seem to be Japanese might be seen. "

Mr. Hatoyama doesn't display one's emotion on the 30th won historical victory by the Democratic Party in public, and be hardly showing the smile.

Mr. product talks about such husband's warm one side. 「It is said, 'It apologizes to make it wash the dishes after meal is prepared' when finishing eating, and I stand in the kitchen when is in home because it likes to cook though I serve the homemade dish without fail.
Breakfast supper To even if it is said, 'Stop it'. 」

Moreover, politics is Iu at home if it doesn't speak so much. When it is a daily work that Mr. product massages his sole at bedtime after the canvass, it is Iu.

One side like the child is made to be excluded. 「It goes out super while becoming holiday, and the cart is pushed happily. It likes shrimp rice cracker, and my being scolded puts a quiet shopping basket so that it is not noticed an unpleasant Nayo boil. 」

When the movie of a contents gentle like "The Princess Mononoke (Princess Mononoke)" of movie and Miyazaki Shun (Hayao Miyazaki) supervisions of the leading part is also favorite, the animal is Iu. When he sees together while saying, "Do you like violent movie?", Mr. product is Iu though it likes action picture.

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!
in front of JR Nagaoka Station in Niigata Prefecture Nagaokashi. 「When the rudder is cut now, Japan :. I personally cut the rudder. 」It solved and the voice was raised.

Prime Minister Eimoto, that is, father the late Sumi gave birth to road construction tax revenues. It summarizes it in 15 sunset party interview , saying that "(I :) Differ from the politician in that age". However, the appearance of the party and the affiliate of the union was unremarkable though lingua husband's with democratic assembly member of the House of Councilors Naonori had attended the first opinion in front of Nagaoka Station together. face of the Liberal-Democratic Party Ryuichi Yoneyama.. (41) : to this. 「Politics doesn't change in Mr./Ms. Tanaka. Do you change really in the Democratic Party?」With the criticism.
Mr. Tadayoshi, Nagashima head (58) of old Yamakoshimura who endeavored in the disaster recovery due to this prefecture Nakagoshi earthquake of 04 years sticks by proportion candidate's Koizumi children and it supports it.

Ichiuji Italian department Masari (57) of the new face of Shamin also have run.

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!


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