Mayor Toru Hashimoto in Osakashi where assumption one month was received on 19 days. It is declared, "Osaka City Office is changed"

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Mayor Toru Hashimoto in Osakashi where assumption one month was received on 19 days. It is declared, "Osaka City Office is changed", and issues instructions to each department one after another by the top down. The city office internal air that had put an opposite argument to "Osaka capital plan" changed completely.
The criticism to mayor Hashimoto is sealed, and is Hashiride toward the capital plan achievement and the city office reform. Executives are all-out in the correspondence of the Hashimoto style to the speed be requested to work over the plan with mail regardless of midnight on holiday.

 「Excess and an inappropriate diagnosis and treatment can do nothing but be prevented by the authentication system besides the panel doctor specification. Especially, I want to try in Nishinariku. 」

Mayor Hashimoto sent mail to the director of a bureau and all chiefs of a ward on the eighth this month during consecutive holidays. The contents is cost containment of public assistance expense.
The basis of an original city of the medical institution that was able to consult a physician the recipient was set, and the discussion for the exclusion of a malignant medical institution was requested.

Nishinariku is especially 23% whose public assistance recipience rate is the highest of 24 districts. Chief of a ward Yoshichika Nishijima is several person in charge and the conference linguas on the tenth in end of the holiday week at once. 「It persists in the basis of the unnecessary tests and medication now and it is not possible to persist in guidance vaguely. The method of specifying the pharmacy is devised by registering the medical institution of each recipient. 」It replied with the summary of the answer at 5PM the same day.

From mayor Hashimoto one and a half hours later「A drastic amelioration plan is advanced. I undertake the responsibility. 」The reply was had.
Chief of a ward Nishijima「The speed is requested from work. I was going to answer including the mull the proposal or VATU but the process. 」It talks. 

Mayor Hashimoto's method is three stages. A big polarity is first shown, administration man is made to work over plural plans, and oneself who is the politician gives terminal decision. The executive of the city assesses, "The government official including the problem institution has been doing up to now, and the role is clear in case of mayor's method".

On the other hand, the criticism that flitted in the city office had not been asked before it assumed the position of mayor Hashimoto. There is little scene where the staff conflicts with the mayor, and it is possible to look for the appearance that starts being adapted to the method. A certain executive「When he or she meets directly, it is polite, and the mayor is rational. The highlight scene of the arm though the demand is high. 」It is enthusiastic. 
The voice to specify the severity of tightening to change the executive who supported former mayor Kunio Hiramatsu, and to make the staff who has made a critical remark write the reflection sentence also. A certain executive「No atmosphere to which the criticism can be done by becoming public now. If the negative aspect of the Hashimoto municipal administration appears, might the future when the reform realizes it. 」It solves and it lowers the voice.

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