The difference of the canvass strategy of the Liberal-Democratic Party and democratic bilateral that contests the seat of the political power has become clear from the House of Representatives election announcement on the 19th of two Hime.

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Prime Minister Taro Aso (governor) criticizes the policy of the Democratic Party to the Liberal-Democratic Party, "Socialistic".
The insistence on the maintenance regression was strengthened. The executive such as representative Yukio Hatoyama appealed for the aim and the household aid package and turned to the Democratic Party that confronted it round non-aligned voters's support enlargement.

The Prime Minister : in the soap box speech of Hokkaido Obihiroshi in rain. 「The Liberal-Democratic Party is a true conservative party. The one to be defended is a family, a hometown, and the country named Japan. Economy is developed, and after the pie is neatly enlarged, it distributes it. 」It solved and power was put.
The child allowance etc. supplied directly to people were assumed to be "Socialistic policy dripping distributed" to the mind for the manifesto of the Democratic Party.
After the announcement, the Prime Minister came to stress "Liberal-Democratic Party = maintenance" more than before. Senses of crisis to defeating also even a conventional support layer in addition to the inside and non-aligned voters to whom the change of power mood rises are Aruka et al..
The person who had enumerated the Liberal-Democratic Party in the Liberal-Democratic Party support layer the voting of the proportional representation ahead remained in 45% in the this paper public opinion poll immediately before the announcement. Then, the propping up to the maintenance layer where this party had been consistently supported was started.
The problem that the Democratic Party hung out the party banner that patched the rising-sun flag in the meeting of the Kagoshima prefecture became a shape attack raw material.

Chief secretary Hiroyuki Hosoda repeated by the Kanagawa Prefecture internal street address , saying that "Political party that chopped the rising-sun flag".
Former Chief Cabinet Secretary Nobutaka of the town and village also joined the criticism in the soap box speech of Sapporoshi , saying that "There is not what ..rising-sun flag.. sang the hanging calositas and national anthem of Japan in the Democratic Party rally either".

However, such a maintenance regression changes completely from the postal administration election in 2005 in last time that expands the support layer to a no league the situation, and tells painful on which the defensive has been forced.

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