Do you want to vote for the candidate?

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【 question 1 ]Do you want to vote for the candidate of which party in the House of Representatives election done as follows though it is immediate?
Liberal-Democratic Party 20.2%(↓) people new party 0.2%(↑) Democratic Party 26.2%(↓) new party Japan 0.2 %(↑) Komeito 3.4%(↓) independence and 44.4 other % that abstains from communist party 3.4%(↑) by 0.4% to which Social Democratic Party 0.4%(↓) has not been decided yet by 1.2%

【 question 2 ]Do you favour Aso Cabinet?
28.6%(↓) 63.6%(↓) not favoured of favouring (Additionally, do not understand)  7.8%.

【 question 3 ]Do you think that the Japanese economy revives within the year though economic environment progression of the disease and the instability of employment become problems?
Food 83.2% (Additionally, do not understand) yes 11.6% good 5.2%.

【 question 4 ]Do you belong to the enterprise?
Food 62.6% (Additionally, do not understand) yes 37.4% good 0.0%.

【It asks the person who answered in question 4, "It is" ]
Is your enterprise in the environment that can not fear failure, challenge the new paradigm, and pass a remark to the liberty?
Food 36.9% (Additionally, do not understand) yes 59.9% good 3.2%.

【 question 5 ]Have you thought about establishment?
Food 73.8% (Additionally, do not understand) yes 25.6% good Telephone survey for 500 adult men and women in 0.6% metropolitan area.

- Miti 2001





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