Prime Minister Taro Aso : in the Prime Minister prefecture in the Berlin city

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Prime Minister Taro Aso : in the Prime Minister prefecture in the Berlin city on the afternoon (night of the same day of Japan standard time) of the fifth.
It conferred with Prime Minister Merkel in Germany. Both Prime Ministers are confirmations as for worldwide financial and cooperate intimately to overcome the crises afflicting one's economies. Measures for controlling global warming are the accordance linguas the two countries cooperate for the green house gas mitigation.

In the global warming countermeasure, the joint ownership of knowledge that it is necessary to set the targeted reduction of "It is fair and effect" heat-trapping gas for the framework-making after 2013 not provided in the Kyoto Protocol.
Prime Minister Merkel responded , saying that "Countries concerned should squeeze wisdom" while the Prime Minister Aso had described, "(To the Agreed Framework) It is necessary to incorporate the developing country".

In correspondence to a new influenza to which the infected person was affirmed by Germany, the information interchange and the cooperation of the precaution etc. agreed.

Moreover, knowledge with "The continuation of six-way talks is important" for abduction, the nucleus, and the missile problem solution of North Korea and the accordance.
Prime Minister Merkel described, "It is necessary to apply both to the seat of the permanent member" while the Prime Minister Aso had specified for the reform of United Nations Security Council, "It is necessary to change the system".

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