Governor Kensaku Morita in Chiba

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Governor Kensaku Morita in Chiba Prefecture received one month from assumption on the fifth. 「As for the ambition and zeal, actually feeling of transmitting to the inhabitants of the prefecture has been boiling little by little. How does especially feeling it recently associate with excellent staff?The mind of holding out is the same for Chiba and Japan. If all combine, Chiba can become a top of Japan. 」It speaks.  

The Tokyo Wan Aqua-Line price cut that was the pillar of the commitment proposed the requisition to the country to lower the toll to 800 yen on April 23 by "Eight capital prefecture city summit" in which the governor and the government ordinance mayor in the metropolitan area gathered, and was resolved. However, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport is cold contrasting it with governor's zeal , saying that "If the price cut is demanded, it wants you to show the reason and the rationale" (Toll Road Division). There is still temperature gradient with the saitama prefecture and Tokyo about the linear-motor car construction. Moreover, though the accusation was fil by the civic group on the suspicion etc. of the Public Office Election Law breach「It is painful that energy is taken in that though there is originally a work to be done. I want to partition, to mend, and to do loudly. 」It makes it.  

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