The remark gist in Prime Minister Naoto Kan's

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Kan Prime Minister's remark
The remark gist in Prime Minister Naoto Kan's (representative of the Democratic Party) party Joint Plenary Meeting of Party Members of Both Houses of the Diet on the 29th is as follows.

【 opening remark ]

It is very heavy, and a severe election will be compelled, and I apologize sincerely by a careless remark over my consumption tax. Because a national life is defended as the Finance Minister immediately before, having become remark of the previous state feeling that it is necessary is incontrovertible to healthy making government finance. A lot of companions are lost, and the importance of the responsibility is felt strongly. It made remarks without carrying out the sufficient consideration and people' distrusts were invited. It reflects deeply.

【 political management in the future ]

People' criticisms「Do not forget the original intention. Realize one's original intention. 」Is caught. It is requested to go forward on the politics of "The people' lives are the first" that became the mainspring of the change of power.

It is important to describe to obtain understanding the pursuit of a sincere implementation of the House of Representatives election manifesto (political power commitment), and no achievement politely. Should it appeal to recover economy and a national life, and all members go forward on the policy achievement by baseball. An active policy discourse is expected to catch people' opinions, and to be done.

The responsibility where the ruling and opposition parties twist Diet is caused is felt strongly. I want to ask suitably though more hardships are put on the House of Councilors in the very severe Diet.
【 party representative election ]

I want will hold out in this standpoint though the criticism it is as it is as a representative of the party while acknowledging liability can be understood repeatedly. You including my own behavior are scheduled to judge it again in the representative election scheduled in September naturally, and it is thought so should.

【 party executive-level changes in management ]

I want will at least correspond to the representative election by all means in a present system of the executive while budgetary process's the extraordinary Diet session's being start from the party executive including the chief secretary from tomorrow and becoming full-scale. The conclusion that I think about so that the party may continue long as an accountable political power party in my own way though it thinks dissatisfaction and the opinion to me to be.

【 Futenma problem ]

The U.S. military Futenma Marine Corps Air Station transfer problem firmly defends mutual agreement of Japan-U.S., and maximum makes an effort to derating of Okinawa.
I want to work firmly including orbiting it in marine's Guam relocation.

Japan is good country!
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