"Hell" difficult problem of Kan Zrari ... Fighting hard is inevitable in the House of Councilors "Chair capture".

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"Hell" difficult problem of Kan Zrari ... Fighting hard is inevitable in the House of Councilors "Chair capture".

The Democratic Party of the House of Councilors top party was expected to win the speaker post though ruling and opposition parties were developing the violent struggle concerning the speaker and permanent committee Nagatocot in the House of Councilors that became a main battlefield of "Twist the Diet". However, all commissioners' majorities including the chairman seem to become compositions to which the opposition party does "Occupation", and are waited for by the nightmare from which even opening a meeting is doubted for the Democratic Party far from the vote on the bill in 16 committees of 17 standing committees.

"It follows the established procedures, and the Democratic Party of the first party takes it. "  "No, take it in the opposition party who had the majority. "  At the House of Councilors country vs. chairman conference of "The Democratic Party of the first party takes it with hesitancy" ruling and opposition parties, such a communication's being repeated every day though parallel lines has been traced, at last, it began to see the landing point immediately before the extraordinary Diet session of the convocation the 30th.

The Democratic Party decided the policy of recommending chairman of Rules and Administration Takeo Nishioka for Mr. successor's House of Councillors President in May of Eda on the 28th, and entered the opposition party and the adjustment. The Koshiishi east of the Democratic Party and both joining of Hidehisa Otsuji of the Liberal-Democratic Party decision of the Diet member chairman confer on the 29th, and the conclusion is aimed at. A new speaker is an outlook elected in the House of Councilors plenary session on the 30th.
The vice chairman has surfaced Mr. Otsuji and Arawamasamot Mizote Chairman of the National Public Safety Commission's names.
It tied, and it defeated and the consequence and the Liberal-Democratic Party of" became the first parties in reelect, and the government party ..".. ..majority.. interrupted democratically in House of Councilors election over the House of Councilors speaker post. Therefore, the opposition party blew hard the speaker post in ..opposition party.. slogan of "Naochika's public opinion" and the hard line that had to be won blew hard.
The Democratic Party of the first comparison party transfer either of both the house management and the budget chairmen to the Liberal-Democratic Party because of the negotiation on the below water of the Liberal-Democratic Party bilateral however democratic. Instead, the speaker post became direction with which it agreed in - shape that democratic secured.
The floret and Diet Steering Committee of the Diet argument chiefly decide holding and the contents of the plenary session to Budget Committee.
It is possible to say.  Both managing Diet affairs

Especially, chairman of Rules and Administration is important. Liberal-Democratic Party country vs. executive「"Swallow pride for practicality. " ..taking away chairman of Rules and Administration from the speaker..It is possible not to hold a full session as 'The committee management was inapposite' if railroaded in the committee. 」It stresses it. 

(1) Afterwards, question and vote (3) trace the order of vote and approval - to gist clarification (2) in Upper and Lower houses in each standing committee as for a rough flow until the government-sponsored bill is approved in full Assembly in full Assembly.
Finally, if the Democratic Party was not going to confine the length of the Liberal-Democratic Party of House Steering Committee of Sasagawa In (at that time) in the chairman room by the gasoline political situation in the past because it was not able to vote, and to hold a full session by it, the bill had walked the picket line if the plenary session was not held. After all, Mr. Sasagawa is "The plenary session holding can be inhibited smarter ..proptosis lingua... " (Liberal-Democratic Party country vs. executive) from the window.

On the other hand, even if the speaker post is won, the management of taking a risk is urged on the Democratic Party in the standing committee that becomes the prior step of the bill approval.
The proportion distribution is basically done according to the seat, and the number of commissioners is fine-tuned by the conference between the party and faction in Diets. The government party loses the majority in 16 that excludes disciplines of administration (25 people) besides Diet Steering Committee (25 people) and Budget Committee (45 people), Cabinet (20 people), and the public welfare labor (25 people), etc. (ten people) committees in the simple calculation. Managing Diet affairs of the government party might come to a standstill at once if the opposition party unites.

The chairman is distributed to the main association sect according to the number of seats. The Liberal-Democratic Party changes to the extent that fairness that two decreases to one before it reelects it and neither increase nor democratic changes from six into seven ninthly. Even if the chairman post is distributed according to the request of the Democratic Party, the one coldly as long as commissioner's majority is being grasped by the opposition party.
Therefore, Kenji Hirata the House of Councilors country vs. chairman of the Democratic Party :. 「The hand is not folded indefinitely. The majority engineers (The government party minority) and it upsets it. 」Not seeing is ..view.. fact though declared. A certain executive of the Democratic Party「Each chairman of the government party cannot help undertaking the proceeding while being frightened to opposition party's discharge resolution. The opposition party dares to be likely to transfer the main chairman, and to make dismissed 'Showing place'. 」It solves and the sense of crisis is revealed.

Therefore, the Hosono Australian will acting secretary general of the Democratic Party : in the lecture on the 21st. 「Hereafter (national scale), there will not be National elections for a while. Whether become a point, if the Liberal-Democratic Party thoroughly obstructs the political power meanwhile, it is not so. 」It asked and the self-respect was requested from the opposition party.

However, the opposition party :. 「(Ozawa girls of the Democratic Party)It cannot also cooperate if management that fires railroading when Yukiko Miyake (assembly member of the House of Representatives) falls in rapid succession, and escapes controversy for the election is not renewed also of where. The standstill is inevitable. 」(Liberal-Democratic Party mainstay)Hand is pulled solving.

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