The Democratic Party is ..consequence.. shock in the relief government party.

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The public opinion poll: The Democratic Party is ..consequence.. shock in the relief government party.

・Mainichi Shimbun had and the urgent implementation lingua whole country public opinion poll consequence made the Democratic Party of just the finish of the representative election after former representative Ichiro Ozawa was resigned relieved on the 17th the 16th.

"The conviction that the change of power was able to be done was obtained if going in the system of the whole party agreement. "
The chairman of the assembly member of Koshiishi east the House of Councilors who favoured Mr. Hatoyama in the Democratic Party representative election talked so. Success to which voice of from intraparty "The imagination was exceeded. " and (young lawmaker) leaks, too. Other opposition front benches did not hide one's surprise , saying that "It was not thought that it rose like this (The expectation for the Democratic Party :) even though the gratuity quotation".
Level by which 33%(reaching to 30% by approval rating of the Democratic Party, and sweeping victories in House of Councilors election) in August, '07 is followed.
However, to the intraparty「This ups and downs of three months are especially intense. It is not possible to relax one's guard. 」The voice to warn optimism is raised , saying that "Is it such why good though nothing has been done yet?", too.

One of the raw materials is a expecting degree to Mr. Hatoyama. "Expect it" and "Do not expect it" are 49% and literal respectively "Half expectation" in the public opinion poll. The assessment to the Democratic Party remained and the answer with "Went up" also remained in 17%.
In the backdrop, it seems to influence former representative Ichiro's Ozawa succession color in addition to "Unpopularity" image of Mr. Hatoyama who comes from exceeding Mr. Hatoyama by the public opinion poll of Mainichi Shimbun before the representative election by sub-representative Katsuya's Okada popularity etc. strong "Puppet" criticism.
However, assembly members who returned to local seem to feel that "Fetter" since the Nishimatsu Construction case that Mr. Ozawa's publicly paid secretary is arrested and prosecuted was able to be taken by the representative turnover.
On the other hand, the welcome mood to the Hatoyama Niishiro table that existed in the government party blew off ahead of strength of the public opinion from which "Change of power" was requested. The voice with "Early the House of Representatives dissolution cannot be at all done" (executive of Komeito) has been raised ..worry about the fight of House of Representatives election under Prime Minister Taro Aso.. ..reigniting.., too. (excerpt)





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