It was ..Yukio Hatoyama.. (62) to choose. the stare of "The following Prime Minister"

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It was ..Yukio Hatoyama.. (62) to choose.  the stare of "The following Prime Minister" in the Democratic Party representative election that had been executed on the 16th Member of Congress of this partyMr. Hatoyama who bore rebuilding of the party from which it suffered from "Ozawa shock" appealed for eagerness to the change of power , saying that "Let's clean it thoroughly by Japan". The Liberal-Democratic Party was calmly catching it though the voice with "Became a Prime Minister early" came out of local and Hokkaido. (abbreviation of part)

・It kept explaining "Politics with love" while appealing for the succession of the Ozawa route in the party representative election, and the Hatoyama Zantedeschia aethiopica K.Spreng. was exerted.
 The title of the representative election commitment to have shown on the 16th is "Japan of friendship is wound (Attach). " into relief.

 「Bond that all people are connected with society by person's being mutually needed useful friendship. The world to which whereabouts is found. 」

The idea Oko clarification lingua of Mr. Hatoyama of "Friendship" in the political views speech on the 16th. "There are my saying that there is no reliance a lot" is conscious of such an insistence. However, even the conference after it assumes the position :. 「It is not the medium grade most to construct the friendship society. Because the declaration to part to the politics of the bureaucratic leadership」The posture that would be carried out in the future was stressed. (excerpt)





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