China is standpoint priority

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China is standpoint priority, is a diplomacy, a security treaty of the representative of a negative developing country, and a constraint fear in G8 to the "Interesting none" sedge Prime Minister's proposal.

When it is necessary to put China in G8, Prime Minister Naoto Kan is an assertion lingua in "The sense of responsibility is improved to China further" in this summit.
On the other hand, a negative view is successive from China.

G8 included the description that criticized North Korea of the patrol boat sinking case of South Korea in the head declaration on the 26th.
The report of Asahi Maasa director of a bureau of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs specifies at a press interview, "China is a member of not G8 but G20 though it knows the document of G8".
No matter what G8 meant it, the standpoint that the posture of careful China did not change into the North Korea criticism was made clear.

The temperature heirloom Prime Minister is NPC (Correspond to the Diet) in March, and China is clarifying the policy of valuing G20.
It is a caution that G20 is said, "G8 enters" as a representative of the developing country for China that strengthens international influence to the foothold and precedes.
Diplomacy..national security policy..number of degrees of freedom..lose..connect..Kanezu..beg..join..provide.
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